Aug 13 2017

Working at Tris Pharma: Employee Reviews #7tm #pharma

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Tris Pharma Employee Reviews in United States

Packaging Technician (Current Employee) Monmoth, NJ February 14, 2014

One day a lable was missing on the product and we had to recount hundred of finished products. Ultimately we found it and that was success. I learned to be more disciplined and gained exposure to state-of-the-art methods, techniques and technology. Besides the requires to concentrate so much. Management is very friendly, highly educated and informative. The hardest part of the job is to stay focused on new methods, skills and programmes that are introduced in the company. The most enjoyable part of the job is one feels free to work and learn.

friendly environment, educates employees

Team Leader (Former Employee) Monmouth Junction, NJ August 17, 2013

the CEO needs to pay attention to what is going on in his company, before he losses it.

HR department is a joke, QA changes the rules as often as they change their underwear and the manager of packaging has some sort of problem.

What company lays you off and then in the same meeting tell you there are openings in other departments and if you want to apply place your name on a piece of paper and they will call you back in for an interview.

What kind of mess is that. HR should have not even allowed something like that to happen. If there are openings in another department move the people there.

Productive and active responsibilities

QA (Current Employee) Monmouth Junction, NJ December 11, 2014

Firstly, I come into work and check all my emails.
Then, Go on to the floor to check out the daily activities that are to be completed such as all samples to be taken, which lines are running in packaging and coordinate with my fellow colleagues and assign a designated QA to do so.
During the day report to the supervisor of what is going on on the floor and what needs to be done.
I have learned different processes of the drugs that are being produced within the company.
The hardest part of the job is nothing as long as the communication is sufficient with the team and all the job duties are completed as the day goes. The team works together to complete the day.
The most enjoyable part of the day is taking the sample and communicating with all the employees to see what more I can learn from them.

learning the processes of new drugs and sample taking.

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