Sep 13 2017

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What is a VPN?

That is the question, and here’s a simplified definition: A Virtual Private Network is a technology that creates an anonymous, secure and encrypted connection between an Internet user and the websites he visits. Here is how it works
1 – The user first connects to the Internet quite normally
2 – He then launches the VPN program he previously installed on his computer.
3 – The VPN program connects to an intermediate server usually based abroad that encrypts all the user activities (browsing, emails, discussions etc. )

The VPN technology uses sophisticated encryption methods to ensure the security of the datas sent and avoid interception by malicious third parties. The entire VPN traffic is encrypted using powerful algorithms that ensure security and almost inviolability of your private life.

The VPN has almost as benefits, provided you make the right choice. We know from experience that your first motivation is about to find a Free VPN. There are dozens but stop dreaming: They are mostly poor and saturated, being in fact only loss leaders for paid services. Indeed, by installing a free VPN software, it will then seem much easier for you to use the paid service of the same provider as you will not have to install a new software. For our part, we advise you to directly choose a reputable VPN provider and not waste your time.

Why you should use a VPN?

You have (almost) decided to use a VPN but the reasons for doing so are far more numerous than it seems.

1) Let’s be clear, the primary motivation for using a VPN is obviously to ensure the confidentiality and security of your Internet activities. This is the perfect tool for this and it does the job. Don’t let hackers or government agents spy on you.

2) You can also use a VPN to unblock certain sites or certain videos visible only in a specific country. To take the most common example, many American sites are only visible by US residents and therefore it is impossible for non-US people to access their content. To work around this block, you can use your VPN program and choose a US server to simulate a presence in the Country.
Luckily, most large VPN providers offer dozens, hundreds or even thousands of servers in many countries.

3) To circumvent censorship, the use of a VPN is an excellent opportunity. For example, some countries (China, UAE, Iran etc. ) do not allow the social networks that are blocked there by local ISP. A VPN provides you a new IP address that can circumvent this censorship.

Be sure that there are other good reasons to use a VPN, too many to list all of them here.

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