Aug 4 2017

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Descartes Route Planner™ RV – Truck Routing Software

Truck routing and scheduling software helps dispatchers reduce the time it takes to plan daily deliveries for better route optimization planning and performance.

Descartes Route Planner™ RV helps reduce the time it takes to plan daily deliveries, while optimizing the performance of the entire operation. Without programming, Descartes Route Planner RV can be easily tailored to match customers’ unique operational requirements and environments.

Descartes Route Planner RV is geared to organizations that are looking for a low-cost, simple-to-use fleet management application that provides basic route plan sequencing with an option to upgrade to the Descartes Automatic Vehicle Location™ (Descartes AVL ™ ) .

Descartes Route Planner RV also combines seamlessly with Descartes Wireless/GPS™ to maximize control and decision-making power for routers and supervisors. Using the same mapping interface, users can now have complete real-time information on vehicle locations and status of deliveries, with enhanced communication options to and from their drivers.

Visibility throughout the Delivery Operation

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“The installation of Descartes Route Planner RV quickly evened things out. Within a few days our trucks were running with optimal loads and our satisfied drivers had a more accurate expectation of each day.”

Streamline Truck Scheduling – From Order to Delivery

Descartes Route Planner RV enables dispatchers to address issues before they affect customers. From order to delivery, Descartes enables streamlined, customer-focused decisions on routes and reservations.

Detailed Mapping Information

Users can easily add or remove map contents to view detailed information, including: street detailed maps, exit ramp numbers, one-way streets, block address numbers, stop locations, and route and delivery information.

  • Personally customize your map view to your preference
  • Simplify map views or see detailed street and location data
  • Easily zoom in on a specific region or vehicle by simply dragging your cursor over the area desired
  • Customize stop symbols to your preference

Truck Management in One Screen

Descartes Route Planner RV, combined with Descartes Wireless/GPS. provides one screen to see all your critical fleet management data.

  • Route dispatchers have the ability to monitor multiple trucks, along with rea-time route scheduling and performance information
  • See when trucks are in- and out-of-route
  • Compare routing plan to actual one on screen
  • Obtain and view route delivery information on main map

Three Powerful Views

Descartes Route Planner RV leverages three powerful views of your delivery operation, presenting information on a map, graph and summary table. This one-of-a-kind visual presentation allows routers to:

  • Display exact locations of stops
  • Easily compare workloads across the entire fleet
  • Make faster and more accurate decisions regarding truck deliveries
  • Combine with GPS to view real-time delivery information and out-of-route travel for optimized fleet of trucks

Efficient Truck Deliveries

Route Planner RV takes order information and turns it into efficient delivery scheduling and route planning helping eliminate hours of tedious manual processing

  • Automatically verifies, corrects and locates addresses
  • Turns hours into minutes while preparing daily truck route plans
  • Prints accurate and detailed trip manifests and maps
  • Optimizes truck routes across the delivery operation

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