Sep 14 2017

First Continental Congress convenes – Sep 05, 1774 #continental #congress, #parliament, #coercive #acts, #stamp #act,

# First Continental Congress convenes Publisher In response to the British Parliament s enactment of the Coercive Acts in the American colonies, the first session of the Continental Congress convenes at Carpenter s Hall in Philadelphia. Fifty-six delegates from all the colonies except Georgia drafted a declaration of rights and grievances and elected Virginian Peyton Randolph as the first president of Congress. Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Adams, and John Jay were among the delegates. The first major American opposition to British policy came in 1765 after Parliament passed the Stamp Act, a taxation measure designed to raise revenues for …

Aug 28 2017

What Is a Tax Lawyer? #taxation #lawyer

# What Is a Tax Lawyer? Related Articles Lawyers seeking high-profile jobs, or who have political aspirations later in life, would be wise to become trial lawyers or litigators so they can get some time in the limelight. On the other hand, attorneys who are looking for a rewarding legal career with a lower profile and in a not quite so competitive field should consider tax law. Tax lawyers help clients with planning and filing taxes, as well as help defend them in the case of any tax-related litigation. Education Tax attorneys have an undergraduate degree and have completed a …

Jul 28 2017

Expatriate Tax Service from #expat #tax,expat #tax #compliance,expat #tax #help,tax #advice,expat #taxes,expatriate #tax,expatriate #taxation #service,expatriate

# About Us, based in Seattle, Washington, USA, provides tax solutions both for US expatriates overseas and for foreign nationals including resident or non-resident aliens with IRS tax exposure, as well as estates, partnerships and small businesses with offshore investments, sales or operations especially importers, exporters, and those who had been using DISC s and/or FSC s in past years. See what our clients say about us and the value they receive. See how can make every dollar count for you. is for any world-citizen international or domestic with US tax or multinational tax exposure or related …