Oct 13 2017

What is an SMA Connector? #sma,bulkhead,2holes,4holes,pcb,edge,smt,sma #connector,rf #connector

# SMA connector are coaxial RF connectors developed in 1960s and SMA is the abbreviation of SubMiniature version A. SMA connector has a 50ohm impedance, 1/4-36 thread type coupling mechanism and this RF connector offers excellent electrical performance from 0 to 18GHz. SMA connectors are available in various quality classes for different applications with different material options. Various SMA connectors are widely used in Vehicle Tracking System, Wireless LAN, WiMax, Telecommunication, Aero and precise testing instrumentation. Mechanical Feature: 1/4 -36 thread coupling SMA Male is equipped with 8mm hex nut to allow torque by wretch. SMA connector’s hex nut normally …