Sep 10 2017

Suze Orman Resource Center: Mutual Funds: Personal Financial Guru: Can I Afford it: Suze Show

# Mutual Funds Mutual Fund This site provides the most extensive information on fees and the effect they will have on your fund’s performance. This site has daily mutual fund recommendations and personal financial research. Quicken has basic information and research tools to help you find and evaluate mutual funds. A good place to continue your education of how mutual funds work. Vanguard is a great educational site on the subject of mutual funds. Find general and specific information on mutual funds. Mutual Fund Family Mutual Fund Barrons (weekly) Dow Jones Company, Inc. 200 Burnett Road Chicopee, …

Sep 6 2017

Tax Saving Schemes for Individual for AY 2015-2016-Instant Guide #tax,income #tax #act,income #tax #rules,taxmann,tax #guru,tax

# Tax Saving Schemes for Employees-Instant Guide for A.Y. 2015-2016 • Option to continue after maturity for every 5 years. • Investment: Mm. 500; Max. 1.5 lac p.a. • Can withdraw 50% of the balance from 7th year onwards. • An amount equal to withdrawal can be invested from current year’s income to make the account a self sustaining one. • Loan upto 25% of balance available (2 years ago) is allowed upto the end of 5th year. • Second loan is given after clearing the first loan. • No loan is given after 6 years from the date of …