Jan 16 2018

Trump to pharma: You – re – getting away with murder, and I – m

Trump to pharma: You re getting away with murder, and I m the one to stop it Remember the Trump euphoria that hit biopharma stocks after the president-elect captured the Electoral College in November? Well, scratch that. At his first press conference since July, Trump said Wednesday that the industry is “getting away with murder”—and the government needs to take action. Trump said the government should require competitive bidding to get drug costs down, claiming that the U.S. can save “billions of dollars” with such a process. He called out pharma lobbyists and their power in Washington. And, repeating a …

Jan 16 2018

Sanofi rejects U, government pricing pharma.#Government #pricing #pharma

Sanofi rejects U.S. Army request for ‘fair’ pricing for a Zika vaccine Sanofi Pasteur has rejected a request from the US Army to set an affordable US price for a Zika virus vaccine that the company is developing with American taxpayer funds, prompting an angry response from Senator Bernie Sanders. For months, Sanders has pushed the Army to negotiate a more favorable agreement with Sanofi, which is one of the world’s largest vaccine makers and which has already received a $43 million US research grant. But Sanofi recently refused, according to an Army timeline of events reviewed by STAT. The …

Jan 16 2018

Avalon Pharma – Exporter & Supplier of Generic Medicines, Exporter & Supplier of Generic Pharmaceuticals,

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Oct 13 2017

10 Top Cybersecurity Companies #2016, #2017, #analysis, #california, #ceo, #computer #security, #cyber #security, #cyber #security

# 10 Top Cybersecurity Companies The cybersecurity industry is a quickly expanding market, growing in response to the rapidly developing need for computer security. On that thought, aCybersecurityVentures Reportsuggests cybercrime damage costs are expected to grow to $6 trillion each year by 2021, while the global industry is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2021. Like the report highlights, plenty of new cybersecurity companies are coming onto the scene, including mergers and agreements, as well as investments and initial public offering activities. In sum, the release states that these additions are constantly changing the vendor and service provider landscape. With …

Oct 13 2017

Casi accreditation #accredited,medical,health,college, #education,high #school,continuing #education,distance #learning,online #courses,vocational #job #training,college #course,learning #online,job,home #study,certificate #program,high #school

#About CALCampus Who We Are Regionally accredited. CALCampus is a private, international, online distance learning institution, located in New Hampshire, which offers both college and high school courses solely through the medium of the Internet. Recognized and licensed by the Higher Education Commission – Career School Division of the New Hampshire Department of Education and accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), CALCampus has been recognized and accepted by the international community for decades as an exclusive online distance learning institution. Enrollment is open to individual learners anywhere in the world who have …

Oct 10 2017

U-Change Lock Industries, Inc #defense #contractors, #contractors, #contractor, #government #contractors, #federal #contractors, #government #contracting, #government

# U-Change Lock Industries, Inc. Government Contractor in Mustang, OK Higher Than Average The principal NAICS category of U-Change Lock Industries, Inc. is Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths) (561621) as measured by the total amount obligated in contract awards to the vendor since FY2007. In its latest full year of contract work (FY2016), U-Change Lock Industries, Inc. was obligated a total of $15,033, an amount that was 26% more than the average vendor from Oklahoma specializing in Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths) and 52% more than all vendors in the U.S. classified by this NAICS category. Other Security Systems Services …

Oct 2 2017

Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota #pera, #retirement, #minnesota #pension, #pension, #public #pension, #minnesota #retirement,

# Board appoints new Police Fire Plan trustee Paul Ford, a sergeant with the St. Paul Police Department, was appointed to fill the remainder of the term of David Metusalem on PERA s Board of Trustees. The action was taken Thursday, August 10, during the meeting of the Board. Metusalem, a past Board vice president and Police and Fire Plan trustee since 2015, retired from the Ramsey County Sheriff s Office in March. He was required to relinquish his seat on the board since only active Police Fire Plan members can serve in that position. Ford has been a police …

Sep 30 2017

Government bond buying program #government #bond #buying #program

# US Savings Bonds offer a low-risk and modest return investment for saving for your children’s college education. Series EE Savings Bonds and Series I Savings Bonds offer special tax benefits when used for qualified education expenses. Other instruments discussed include Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (TIPS) and Zero Coupon Bonds including STRIPS. Savings bonds are very safe investments since they are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. Principal and earned interest are safe and cannot be lost due to market changes because Savings Bonds are not marketable securities. Savings bonds are registered with the US Treasury …

Sep 5 2017

Trust issue quotes #russia,syria,united #states,russia,syria,united #states,barack #obama,bashar #al,assad,dmitry #peskov,donald #trump,jens #stoltenberg,maria #zakharova,rex #tillerson,sergei #lavrov,sergei #ryabkov,vladimir

# U.S.-Russia relations at another low after Syria attacks MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The presidents of the United States and Russia on Wednesday both presented souring views of the relationship between their two countries, exchanging sharp words as Moscow extended an icy welcome to the United States’ top diplomat in a face-off over Syria. In Washington, President Donald Trump said the United States’ relationship with Moscow “may be at an all-time low.” Trump’s comments came after he made his biggest foreign policy decision of his new presidency last week, firing missiles at Syria to punish Moscow’s ally for its suspected use …

Aug 24 2017

Exclusive: Top U #russia,united #states,russia,united #states,barack #obama,devin #nunes,donald #trump,hillary #clinton,james #clapper,john #mccain,john #podesta,reince #priebus,vladimir #putin,barack

# Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking – sources A padlock is displayed at the Alert Logic booth during the 2016 Black Hat cyber-security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. August 3, 2016. David Becker WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have not embraced a CIA assessment that Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election, three American officials said on Monday. While the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) does not dispute the CIA’s analysis of Russian hacking operations, …