Oct 13 2017

What are Performance Bonds and How Do They Work #payment #and #performance #bond #cost

# What are Performance Bonds and How Do They Work Today we will explore performance bonds. How Performance Bonds Work As with other surety bonds in Illinois, performance bonds provide legal and financial protection for those involved in construction projects. When working on a construction project, the contractor secures this bond to guarantee their work and performance under their contract to whomever requests the bond (called an obligee ), which is usually the owner, often a government entity, sometimes the owner s lender, and rarely a prime contractor. In Illinois, the Capital Development Board acts as the obligee, holding the …

Sep 30 2017

Government bond buying program #government #bond #buying #program

# US Savings Bonds offer a low-risk and modest return investment for saving for your children’s college education. Series EE Savings Bonds and Series I Savings Bonds offer special tax benefits when used for qualified education expenses. Other instruments discussed include Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (TIPS) and Zero Coupon Bonds including STRIPS. Savings bonds are very safe investments since they are backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. Principal and earned interest are safe and cannot be lost due to market changes because Savings Bonds are not marketable securities. Savings bonds are registered with the US Treasury …

Aug 31 2017

Bond Basics Tutorial #bond #terminology

# Bond Basics Tutorial

Aug 27 2017

How to Find a Lost Savings Bond #savings #bond #maturity

# How to Find a Lost Savings Bond In 1976 and 1978 my first two children were born. They both received savings bonds as gifts for either their birth or Christmas. I have lost them and have no idea of how many they had, the face value of them, the exact dates of issue or even exactly what kind they were! What do I do? Is there any way of replacing them? Does the Treasury Department have all of the information concerning these bonds? Can you walk me through this process? The more information you have, the easier it will …

Aug 14 2017

Bail bond – definition of bail bond by The Free Dictionary #bail #bond #meaning

# bail bond These positive rating factors are offset by Roche’s product concentration, constrained financial flexibility and the high costs associated with administering its bail bond business. For more information on how to bond out of jail, the bail process or how much a bail bond costs, consumers are encouraged to call 49th Street Bail Bonds at 727-592-0000 or visit online at http://49thstreetbailbonds. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With a recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling, Tony Sylvester, owner of the Canton based Sly Bail Bonds with 15 offices in Ohio, said, “We now can help those folks, and uphold their 8[sup. …

Aug 10 2017

What are Bond Mutual Funds and Different Types of Bond Funds #morningstar #bond #funds

# Articles Investing What are Bond Mutual Funds and Different Types of Bond Funds What are Bond Mutual Funds and Different Types of Bond Funds As the name suggests, bond mutual funds invest in bonds and other debt securities. As such they are conservative investments that aim to protect the invested principal while paying out a regular income, rather than taking on more risk in search of superior returns. If you invest in a bond fund you’ll receive monthly dividends from the fund that include interest payments on the fund’s underlying securities plus any capital appreciation in the prices of …

Aug 8 2017

Bail in Sarasota, FL #bail, #bail #sarasota, #sarasota #bail, #​bail #bond #agency, #posting #bail, #bail

# Bail Bond Agency in Sarasota, FL Here at 1st 1 Out Bail Bonds, we offer our time to make the bail process as easy as possible. We take our time with clients and give them all the information they need to make the correct decisions. We are open 24/7 including holidays. So, if you are in need of an easy bail service, visit or call us today! We don’t want our clients to feel overburdened or that their payments are out of reach. We do not always require collateral and want to be able to help any way we …

Aug 8 2017

3 Bond Funds That Will Lose Big With Rising Interest Rates #markets, #bond #funds, #interest

# Bond Funds That Will Lose Big With Rising Interest Rates Now that Fed tightening appears imminent, investors are wise to take a close look at the fixed income portion of their portfolio, especially if it consists of bond funds. The reason I am picking on bond funds here is that they carry greater market risk than other fixed-income investment types, such as individual bonds. Bond prices generally move in the opposite direction as interest rates. Therefore, when rates are rising, prices are falling and bond fund investors are fully exposed to the possibility of falling prices, whereas the investors …

Aug 8 2017

What is a Surety Bond #surety #bond, #surety #bonding, #surety #bond #company, #commercial #surety #bonds

# Find Surety Bonds for Your Business A surety bond is designed to guarantee a principal’s integrity and honesty, performance and financial responsibility, as well as compliance with a law or contract. Nationwide is a respected surety bond company, providing quality surety bonding services for over 50 years. Our portfolio of surety bonds, including contract bonds, commercial bonds, court bonds and fidelity bonds has the flexibility to meet your business needs. Contract bonds guarantee that a contractor will stick to the terms of a construction contract. Commercial surety bonds protect ensure contractors follow governmental rules and regulations. Court bonds guarantee …

Aug 7 2017

Bonds Balance Out the Risk in Retirement Portfolios #retirement #of #bond

# Bonds Balance Out the Risk in Retirement Portfolios Stocks get a lot of the investing limelight: They’re exciting and high-risk, which often translates into big returns over time. Bonds, by contrast, are a little bit boring. They don’t get nearly as much love, but they’re just as important to a well-balanced portfolio. Most asset allocations should include at least a small percentage of bonds. Generally, that percentage should increase as you get closer to retirement. If you’re 25, 10% of your portfolio might be in bonds; if you’re 65, that percentage is likely to be closer to 40% or …