Aug 13 2017

Welcome To The Official Website for the San Diego Nursing – Allied Health Service-Education Consortium

# Welcome to the official San Diego Nursing Allied Health Service – Education Consortium web site. The San Diego Nursing Allied Health Service-Education Consortium was formed in 1996 with the express goal of coordinating the clinical placement process in order to mutually benefit both nursing service providers (agencies) and nursing programs. The process evolved from a database system to web-based scheduling when ServEdlink was implemented in 2007. Clinical planning is done on an annual basis using our state-of-the-art ServEdLink program. The program enhances education-service communication and placement opportunities. In 2011, allied health planning was piloted and then implemented. Currently, all …

Jul 3 2017

Experience the Arizona College Advantage #allied #health #programs #online

# Allied Health Online Home » Allied Health Online When it comes to studying the field of healthcare online, students have a ton of options available to them. Wading through the wide array of websites, schools, and private institutions available online can be a daunting task. There’s another problem with studying healthcare online: no hands-on experience. Helping people within a career in the medical field is a hands-on job. Nursing. Dental Assisting. Medical Assisting. Massage Therapy. Phlebotomy —these are real jobs that deal with real people in unique settings. If you’re going to be working with real people, shouldn’t the …