Sep 14 2017

First Continental Congress convenes – Sep 05, 1774 #continental #congress, #parliament, #coercive #acts, #stamp #act,

# First Continental Congress convenes Publisher In response to the British Parliament s enactment of the Coercive Acts in the American colonies, the first session of the Continental Congress convenes at Carpenter s Hall in Philadelphia. Fifty-six delegates from all the colonies except Georgia drafted a declaration of rights and grievances and elected Virginian Peyton Randolph as the first president of Congress. Patrick Henry, George Washington, John Adams, and John Jay were among the delegates. The first major American opposition to British policy came in 1765 after Parliament passed the Stamp Act, a taxation measure designed to raise revenues for …

Sep 6 2017

Tax Saving Schemes for Individual for AY 2015-2016-Instant Guide #tax,income #tax #act,income #tax #rules,taxmann,tax #guru,tax

# Tax Saving Schemes for Employees-Instant Guide for A.Y. 2015-2016 • Option to continue after maturity for every 5 years. • Investment: Mm. 500; Max. 1.5 lac p.a. • Can withdraw 50% of the balance from 7th year onwards. • An amount equal to withdrawal can be invested from current year’s income to make the account a self sustaining one. • Loan upto 25% of balance available (2 years ago) is allowed upto the end of 5th year. • Second loan is given after clearing the first loan. • No loan is given after 6 years from the date of …

Jul 22 2017

My car insurer has offered less than my car is worth in my claim #car,

# My car insurer has offered less than my car is worth in my claim How much is your car worth? Normally, if a garage estimates that the cost of repairs is more than about three quarters of the value of your car, then the insurance company may decide that the car is a write-off. This is because it’s quite likely that when the garage carries out repairs, they’ll find further damage, and a car that has been repaired after an accident will usually be worth less than it was before the accident. In summary If a garage estimates that …