Oct 17 2017

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Update: July 5, 2017. Ransom had her second HW shot today and isn t feeling so well. Another shot tomorrow and then lots of bed rest. She wouldn t even chew on her one and only favorite bone!

Update: June 4, 2017. Ransom had her first heart worm treatment on May 31. She was very sick and lethargic. Today was the first day she felt better and had something to eat. We went and bought her all these toys to occupy her during her treatment, but she hasn t touched any of them. She prefers her old peanut butter bone that we fill with peanut butter and freeze each day. Next treatments on July 5 and 6. What a brave girl.

Update: May 22, 2017. A little update from our girl, Ransom. She’s doing really well; her feet and paws are healing nicely. She’s been building muscle and and is enjoying multiple daily walks with her foster pack. It s so good to see her new confident gait, head up and enjoying the walks. We just love seeing her so happy!

Ransom enjoys riding shotgun in the car with her foster mom. She just got another bath and with her new healthy diet her coat is soft, shiny and feels like velvet. Ransom is very affectionate and loves to be pet and snuggled. In a few weeks she will begin heartworm treatment and will need complete crate rest. We hope all goes smoothly, and she will be ready for her new forever home soon.

Update: April 29, 2017. Ransom is learning to live in a house for the first time in her life. At first she was very stressed but she is learning quickly. She began her heartworm treatment and will need complete crate rest for at least two months. Wishing Ransom a speedy recovery.

Update: April 18, 2017. Ransom did great on the long trip to her foster home. She will be starting her heartworm treatment this week. She wanted to be sure to thank her friends who donated for her medical care.

Meet Ransom, the newest member of the Shepherds Hope family. She was in a rural shelter in NC and no one was coming for her. We named her Ransom because she will steal your heart. She loves affection and attention, we think she has spent her entire life living outside. We believe she is about a 1 – 1 1/2 years old. She’s a petite and very skinny girl at only 44 lbs. She has not had an easy life. Ransom has been to the vet and she’s ‘a hot mess’ as they say in the south. She tested positive for HW, multiple worms, she needs to be spayed and get all her shots. Here’s Ransom when we first saw her in the shelter and on her way out of the shelter to the vet. What a sweet face! We are asking for donations to help Ransom. No donation is too small to help this sweet girl.

Dave, Jane, Misha, Freedom and Amanda Doyle

We at Shepherds Hope Rescue desperately need the help of our wonderful friends and supporters. We have just taken in two wonderful dogs, both owner surrenders, both not spayed or neutered and needing medical attention before we can find them their new forever family.

Dolly is a beautiful one-year-old red sable shepherd who was abandoned and tied to a tree in someone’s backyard with a note that said they couldn’t take care of her anymore. A friend contacted us and we just couldn’t say no, afraid she might fall into the wrong hands.

The medical, housing and transport expenses for these wonderful dogs have put a huge burden on our already slim resources. By opening your heart you will help us help these amazing dogs and continue to help other shepherds in need. Please make a donation today, the dogs are counting on you.

Dolly, Tiki and Bear Supporters:

We are so proud of our Mavrick who is now an official K-9 of the Philadelphia Police Department. We congratulate Mavrick and his handler Officer O’Brien for their hard work and dedication. We wish you a long and happy career together and we pray for your safety. Way to go Mav.

AFTER: Mav with his new familyBEFORE: Mav wandering the streets

Update 3/28/2016. Mavrick is doing great during his second week of class. He is already caught up on his obedience training. We’ll keep you posted. Go Mavrick, we are rooting for you!

So begins the latest adventure! Mavrick was found dragging a heavy chain and ended up at a rural shelter in North Carolina with next to no options of being adopted. German shepherds are not put on the adoption floor and require a rescue to take them. No one came to claim him.

After being at the shelter for a few days, the staff saw his crazy energy level and said ‘this boy needs a job’. They contacted us and we went to go and take a look. As sick as Mavrick was with horrible kennel cough, he was raring to go. Hung off a towel and almost shredded it, wouldn’t give up a ball or squeaky toy for even the most tasty treat. He’s now with his foster mom and upon completion of his isolation, he will be transported and going into K-9 training class with Philadelphia’s finest. Please send up some good thoughts and prayers for our boy. He is being treated for his kennel cough, will be neutered and we’re working on his transport.

Mavrick hopes a few angels will step forward and donate to help make this possible. Although we’ve been bogged down with medical and special food costs for Zeus, we just couldn’t let this opportunity pass by for Mav.

We’ll keep you posted.

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For the love of Mavrick: Jane, Dave and Misha

Linda and Philip Okun
Jane and Dave Doyle

UPDATE 3/19/2016. After a 9 1/2 hour drive today, Mavrick is now with the Philly K-9 unit. What a brave and sweet boy he is. Here is Mavrick at the halfway point and is waiting for his pickup to start the beginning of his new adventure. We are soooooooooooo rooting for you, our boy. We know you will make us proud!

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