Aug 12 2017

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Syn Q ServiceNow Integration Platform

Unify Your Enterprise Data

Unify your enterprise data by integrating ServiceNow with hundreds of cloud and on-premise applications. Improve collaboration and streamline operations across your organization.

SynQ (pronounced sync Q) is a data integration platform that lets you integrate ServiceNow with any enterprise app using prebuilt connectors for systems such as Salesforce, Workday, SAP, Oracle ERP, Netsuite, Solarwinds, MS Dynamics, Jira, TFS, Sharepoint, data warehouses, and more. SynQ is powered by Informatica, the leading cloud data integration platform.

Trusted by Large Enterprises

Syn Q Business Solutions

ServiceNow Incident Management Integration

Integrate business-critical systems with ServiceNow to better identify, and respond to issues. Get automated alerts for issues, equip IT staff with relevant information, and automate the entire process.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management Integration

Equip support teams with information from other teams like engineering and operations. SynQ enables Support to respond to users with real solutions, much faster.

ServiceNow HR Services Integration

Streamline and automate the most common HR processes like onboarding, offboarding, transfers, and promotions. Integrate ServiceNow with your HRMS platform and reap the benefits of a happier HR team.

Syn Q Technology Solutions

SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow Integration

SAP Solution Manager is an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that used to build, test, document, and monitor software applications. It is used by development and IT teams to build and deliver both SAP and non-SAP applications. As ServiceNow brings modern ITSM benefits to ALM, integrating SAP Solution Manager and ServiceNow will yield closer collaboration, and greater efficiencies across the software development lifecycle.

Salesforce and ServiceNow Integration

Salesforce is the leading CRM platform today. It is indispensable for any modern sales team. However, ServiceNow has become a tool that’s used in parallel by other teams like Support, Marketing, and IT. In this case, you need to integrate Salesforce with ServiceNow for Sales to enjoy the benefits of ITSM.

Jira Software and ServiceNow Integration

Technical support and Dev teams can now talk to each other to enhance the product, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Thought Leadership

Adopting ServiceNow is just the first step.Learn how Syn Q can help integrate your enterprise systems with ServiceNow.

Thought Leadership

Find out five common integration problems that
Syn Q ServiceNow Integration Platform helps
enterprises solve

Syn Q Resources

Jira and ServiceNow Integration Integrated Service Operations with Customer Service Management

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