Sep 9 2017

Secure SMTP Server – SMTP mail relay server for your outgoing mail #smtp #server,email #service,smtp



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Secure SMTP Server

Secure SMTP server is a secure, reliable SMTP mail relay server for your outgoing mail. Secure SMTP service gives its members more possibilities than a standard SMTP server does. Fast, responsive, and quick loading, the SMTP server engine allows sending e-mail through SSL / TLS encrypted channels, provides detailed reports available for preview in the Control Panel, and enhanced delivery notifications.

A registered user can track his messages and get a confirmation that the Recipient Mail server has received them.
Once the default port 25 is blocked for sending e-mail, any alternate port number can be used from the range: 1-5000 except 53,137,139,443,445. For example, port 80 is opened in most internet connected networks.

Secure SMTP Features

Strong security and privacy.

Location-independent access to SMTP mail service.

In case the Internet Service Provider or a network administrator blocks the standard port 25, the service will work with an alternate SMTP port .

  • Comprehensive reports and notifications.

    SMTP Server reporting system generates Web Activity , Mail Delivery , and SMTP Traffic reports for analysis and verification. Automatic notifications by email may be enabled for most system events.

  • Easy to use web interface.

    SMTP Server Control Panel is a web-based application designed to provide full control over your account, system events, and mail delivery processes.

  • Flexible service plans starting from 4.95 $US.

    A subscription contains multiple SMTP accounts, which can be assigned to a group of users. Service plans include a unique Pay per Mail plan. A 15-day trial period is available.

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