Aug 28 2018

School of Pharmacy (NDSU), pharmaceutical school.#Pharmaceutical #school

North Dakota State University Pharmaceutical school

School of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical school

The School of Pharmacy, within the College of Health Professions, consists of two departments: Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice.

The professional pharmacy program is a joint effort of the Department of Pharmacy Practice and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Pharmacists work in concert with the patient and other health care providers to promote health and prevent diseases. This is achieved by assessing, monitoring, initiating and modifying patients’ medication therapy to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

The Pharmaceutical Sciences department focuses on graduate education with the offering of both a MS and a Ph.D. degree programs. The School of Pharmacy also has the option of a few dual-degree programs such as Pharm.D./Ph.D., Pharm.D./MPH and Pharm.D./MBA.

Our outstanding faculty members are committed to delivery of excellent education, training and actively participating in interdisciplinary research and interprofessional practice experiences. The School’s mission is to support, educate, and train undergraduate, professional and graduate students to become highly skilled and caring healthcare professionals and create new knowledge through excellence in the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research.

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Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Learn how pharmaceutical sciences faculty such as Dr. Sanku Mallik and researchers across NDSU are targeting cancer to make a difference in diagnosis and treatment.

Pharmaceutical school Pharmaceutical school

Pharmaceutical school

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Pharmaceutical school

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