Nov 4 2017

Rihanna – Rehab lyrics #i #need #to #go #to #rehab


Rehab lyrics

angelbd13m Feb 18, 2009 at 7:57 pm

I like the song because it has a very significant meaning to it! It s saying how she s in love with this guy but the only thing he did to her was use her and treat her wrong. And she s realizing that she needs to get over him but its so hard because she has deep feelings for this person. So that s why she s saying she s gotta check into rehab because he s her disease. He s causing her to beat herself up when its not even neccesary. I like the song because its helping me with my problem that I m going through right now and it s speaking the truth and I applaud rihanna for putting this song out because there are people like me that need 2 hear this. Personally I love this song.

  • This song is about being in love then getting ur heart broken and learning how to fix ur heart. This song reminds me a lot of what I have been through recently. I met this guy and he told me he loved me but really he didn t and all he did was use me. It hurts me a lot, but I know I have to be strong for my heart and move on.

    I love this song but it makes me feel sad when I listen to it coz I m in a situation like that. I really like this guy but he is my friend s ex. And he says he likes me alot but I m not sure if its as much as I feel for him. He knows how I feel and sometimes I think he does really like me and at other times I just think he is taking advantage of my feelings and I m being used. So whenever I hear it I just think of him and it hurts but I can t seem to get rid of the feelings. Great song though rihanna. You keep getting better girl!

  • The girl is addicted to the boy but she wants to let him go because he s causing bad things to her. That s why she swears she s not gonna love anyone else the way she loved this boy.
    This song is genius. I can t believe Justin thought of this song. It s so superb! I really love Justin. It s so hard to write an are n B song. Rock is easier to write. That s why I think this song is greatly written. Rihanna is my idol.

    SOLANA Feb 4, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    So I actually feel this song because of it s lyrics. I have been in love with one boy for 2 years but he didn t even notice me was quite popular so he was entertainig with different girls. I was waiting a miracle to happen so one day it happend and sudden we became a couple. I was the happiest girl in the world than my first love friend was my first boyfriend and my waiting wasn t waist of time. We were together for 4 days then he left me and told me that his previous girlfriend askd him to return to her because she was in love with him and she d do enything for him ande he told me that he couldn t refuse her. So he left but the worse is that I still wait for him and i ll be there if he wants me and I miss him so much now. He s drug to me and I will never be able to say him no.

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