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Promius Pharma Launches NoTime4Migraines, An Online Resource About Migraine Symptoms and Potential #pharmaceutical #business #plan

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Promius Pharma Launches NoTime4Migraines, An Online Resource About Migraine Symptoms and Potential Treatment Options

PRINCETON, N.J. Aug. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Promius Pharma, LLC, today launched NoTime4Migraines. an online disease education resource for migraine patients that adds dimension to awareness with a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter .

NoTime4Migraines helps patients recognize that their migraine attacks vary and offers ways to manage them. Its goal: empower patients to seek better control of migraine its symptoms and impact on everyday life at home, work, school, or in social settings.

“Migraines are not just painful they can be disabling, too,” explained Harshal Deshpande. Director, Brand Lead at Promius Pharma. “More than 9 out of 10 patients are unable to work or function normally during a migraine attack, and more than half experience severe impairment or require bed rest. Patients have busy lives and are simply tired of being put out of action by migraines.”

The 2013 Global Burden of Disease Study confirms the significant disabling impact of migraine. Out of more than 300 diseases and injuries, the study found that migraine is the sixth-highest cause worldwide of years lost to disability.

NoTime4Migraines turns disability into demand for better control of migraine. The first step is to recognize how a patient’s migraine attacks vary over time. “Every Migraine Is a Different Monster” is the central message, with support from 4 common types of migraine attacks, each imaginatively personified as a monster character.

NoTime4Migraines also features Vera Sweeney, a lifestyle blogger who knows what it means to have no time for migraines because, since age 20, she has suffered from migraine attacks herself. On Lady and the Blog and in her social media channels, Vera will post content about her experience with her own “migraine monsters.”

“Vera is the perfect partner for NoTime4Migraines ,” said Jennifer Collins. Associate Director, Marketing and Strategic Sourcing at Promius Pharma. “Vera embodies the had-enough-it’s-time-for-action attitude that more and more migraine patients share.”

NoTime4Migraines urges patients to share their own migraine monster stories on Facebook and Twitter with the campaign hashtag #NoTime4Migraines. Find out more at .

About Promius Pharma LLC
Promius Pharma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, one of largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies in the world. Inspired by patients and driven by innovation, Promius Pharma is committed to bringing new products to market in dermatology and neurology that meet patients’ needs and seamlessly fit into their everyday lives. For more information about how we are putting patients first, visit

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Promius Pharma Launches NoTime4Migraines, An Online Resource About Migraine Symptoms and Potential Treatment Options

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