Jul 13 2018

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Plastic Injection Molding | Contract Manufacturing

C J Industries is more than a single source for all your high precision plastic injection molding and contract manufacturing needs. We have been a company you can trust with your custom plastic injection molding business for over 50 years. Our ISO and FDA certifications further demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality assurance standards.

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

C J Industries serves a wide variety of plastic injection molding industries. Rather than relying on one particular industry segment, C J decided to focus on six key plastic injection molding industries: Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Industrial, Consumer Products and Business Machines Markets.

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

C J’s Plastic Injection Molding Resource Center is for anyone that deals with injection molded plastic parts. This is a page you ll want to bookmark for your future use. It includes a Glossary of Plastic Molding Terms and SPI Mold Specifications. If you need any additional help with your plastic injection molding project, please contact us.

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

The use of injection molded plastic parts has been a part of our daily lives for over 70 years. For something that is so widely used there is limited understanding of how the plastics industry came into being and came to transform our lives. The purpose of C J’s blog is to share the history and future of plastics in a fun and informative way.

C J offers a unique 10-Year Mold Warranty for any production tool built by C J. Our warranty reflects the high quality of the plastic injection molds we produce.

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Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

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