Jul 14 2018

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Pharmaceutical Waste Services

Hospitals generate a substantial amount of pharmaceutical waste — some hazardous, some non-hazardous that requires proper drug disposal. Generally, this waste is composed of drugs that have been partially dispensed, but not completely used. Our SteriHealth services are designed to help hospitals characterize, segregate, transport and properly dispose of these materials, as well as conveniently handle their expired drugs.

SteriHealth works with drug manufacturers to handle the destruction of recalled, overrun and expired pharmaceuticals. We also destroy manufacturing raw materials. We take a highly strategic and customized approach in providing efficient documentation for every client for complete confidence. Pharmaceutical waste is disposed of by high temperature incineration.

SteriHealth also offers our secure handling and disposal processes to alternate medicine and beauty manufacturing to dispose of returned or over-run treatments and medicines.

SteriHealth operates licensed high temperature incineration facilities in Victoria and NSW.

SteriHealth systems ensure secure transport and complete destruction of out-of-date products, manufacturing overruns, discontinued lines, out of specification products, raw material and production waste.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Court Order Controlled Incineration

SteriHealth offer strictly controlled incineration of court ordered items to the Police, AQIS and other government bodies.

SteriHealth also offer Witnessing and/or Certificate of Destruction to give you complete piece of mind. A camera also sits above the incinerator hopper to allow witnesses to further view the items entering the main barrel of the incinerator.

A highly secured storage facility is also on-site to accommodate products or items that await clearance prior to destruction.

Please contact SteriHealth to discuss your specific needs – our facilities can provide great flexibility to support your security requirements and timing whilst delivering our service with a high level of confidence and integrity.

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