May 16 2018

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Our capabilities cover both primary and secondary packaging: bottling, blistering, cartoning and compliance packaging . We also provide different packaging configurations, such as unit dose and kitting.

Contract pharmaceutical manufacturing

Blisters available in large or small formats; thermoformed, heat-sealed or cold formed; HUD; multiple product ll; stability batches; child-resistant or compliance unit-dose designed; various lidding materials; preprinted foil.

Bottling lling available in various bottle sizes with run size exibility; child-resistant, twist off or snap on closures; neck-banding; cartoning or shrink wrapping; stability batches; slatlling or electronic counting. State-of-the-art climate control, positive pressure lling suites for both blistering and bottling.

Contract pharmaceutical manufacturing

Turnkey project management; small to large volumes; CR (child resistant) design and packaging; structure design and graphic support. Heat-sealed cards can include dosage instructions, patient record keeping, coupons and reply cards

Contract pharmaceutical manufacturingCold chain, run size exibility; in line vision systems assure accurate label placement; horizontal or vertical labeling equipment; domestic and Rest of World (RoW) presentations; in line cartoning.

Contract pharmaceutical manufacturingIn line vision systems assure accurate label placement even with tear tape and special perforations; retail, institutional and clinic packaging including demonstration kits and promotional packaging

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