Aug 18 2017

Pharmaceutical Company List #pharma #trust

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Pharmaceutical Company List

Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and allied industries encompass companies operating in every province across Canada. It currently employs highly skilled and highly paid work force including doctors, chemists, scientists, biologists, microbiologists, engineers, and other professionals. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the brand-name sector employs approximately 20,000 people, bio-pharmaceutical firms employ about 7,000, and over 4,500 are employed by the generic drug manufacturers. In addition, pharmaceutical related activities provide opportunity for another 100,000 people nationally.



I just want to say thank you for your support in behalf of all the students in your school. I was one of the student grad from the preparatory course in ultrasound ARDMS. I already passed one of the credentials (ABD and SPI) and hope.

Ray Sanosa

I have been studying in PSCC in 2011 and so far I enjoyed my studying here, I am completely satisfy with our teacher’s performance and their professionalism. The materials that we used are perfect for our course and them sufficient enough for completion of our.

Farshid Farahjaste.

In my opinion, PSCC is the best choice for professional growth and excellence. I found all the teachers very informative and supportive. They have fresh experience and real work conditions and can convey their knowledge in a very practical way which makes everything really easy.

Michael Sukar

A very well- organised and well run course at PSCC – my ultrasound exam preparation course and practical training for ARDMS at PSCC was so comprehensive that I passed my exams in the first attempt and got hired right away. The teacher covered the basics.

Pratima Baweja

I have been happy about PSCC’s teachers, staff and management team. I found the school is up to date for delivering theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Teachers are very helpful and responsible for what they are doing. I am confident that within PSCC professional training.

Dawn Zhao

PSCC College gave me the chance to live my dream, and that was being able to study pharmaceutical QAQC in a Canadian college. I appreciate all the care and help the staff gave me during the time I spent at PSCC College.


My special thanks to the teacher team at PSCC for the knowledge and skills that I have gained during the program. I was able to learn about the HPLC, GC, Dissolution, UV/VIS, FTIR, AA techniques in details. With the Practical curriculum design I was made.

Jie Pang

I really want to recommend PSCC to anyone who wants start second career in Pharma-Medical Career. PSCC provides extensive courses for studying QA QC in pharmaceutical industry and extends consist support for job search.

Richard Shen

The education, curriculum, resources and experience that I got from PSCC are a new dimension in my career life to pursue the position as an Analytical Chemist in food and pharmaceutical companies.

Khorshed Khan

I’ve been in pharmaceutical related programs in other schools, but my experience at Pharmaceutical Science College of Canada outstands the others. The location is approachable by TTC and is very close to 401 exit as well for drivers. The student to teacher ratio is good.

Hongmei Zhang

I was a student at PSCC, and they had prepared me to overcome the challenges in pharmaceutical industry through effective teaching techniques that enabled me to adapt and learn quickly. PSCC also provided a lot of information related to job search, the employment service is.

Pei Zhang

The instructors are mostly focused on practical aspects and at PSCC, they all give information that are needed for real work. The staff are friendly and they are always ready to help you. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable and they all have worked.

Suheila Abachi

My experience at PSCC is the kind that definitely everyone longs for. I can say every single moment of my college was an opportunity to experience new things. I love PSCC family.

Wei Zhong Liu

I was a student of PSCC, I feel good and happy with everything providing by PSCC. Teachers are experienced in the field, and I got my professional job again in a big pharmaceutical company after the training in PSCC. I wish PSCC a great success.

Abu Sayed

I was an organic chemist in China, when I came to Canada; I found that my Education is not enough to achieve my related professional career goal. I realized that fast track training in Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis program is just the right one for me.

Ming Yu

PSCC certainly changed my life, if not for the pharmaceutical QAQC program of PSCC College I would still be looking for general and non-professional jobs, PSCC gave me the knowledge, experience and expertise to go out into the workforce and be confident that I can.

Lilian Ejiogo

PSCC has a warm heart to help every student to find a job; I always remembered that we worked together for a week to modify my resume time and time. They always provide a lot of helpful information on employment service. I am very satisfied.

David Cao

When I decided to return to school to learn and get a Canadian diploma. at this age, I thought, it should be out of my line and probably I won’t be able to do this. But the assistance and the encouragement I got from.

Mihaela Hanko

Why I liked Pharmaceutical Science College of Canada (PSCC), one of the things that impressed me is the quality of the instructors. They are highly qualified and very professional. I am proud to have attended PSCC, where I was able to fulfill my dreams and.

Navin Patel

I am glad to be one member of the PSCC family. “Family Warmth” from you I have felt during my first settled month in Toronto. Joining PSCC is one of my best decisions in my life.

Lucy Mei

This course was really very interesting, quite demanding sometimes, but I am satisfied after I completed the degree. I definitely learnt a lot from the programme. The h0me-works and assignments would be corrected on time with valuable feedbacks.

Mala Rahim

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