Jun 9 2018

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Pharma Consulting

Work with our Pharma Consulting team, and draw on the strength of the entire Informa family. Get best-in-class datasets and insights from over 500 industry-leading analyst experts. Plus benefit from years of experience in delivering custom biotech and life sciences consulting projects.

  • Best-in-class datasets
  • Leading industry experts
  • Robust, actionable solutions

Comprehensive pharma consulting

Need outside expertise? Lack available staff? Want an objective perspective? Pharma Consulting works with you to produce actionable, flexible solutions tailored to your needs. Our services help you discover new business opportunities, reduce risks, and make better, faster decisions.

You ll benefit from:

Customized approach – solutions to fit your situation

Joint problem/opportunity definition

Proprietary data and complementary market research

500+ industry experts

Collaborative problem solving

Fact-based decisions and actionable recommendations

Ownership of final decisions and action plans

We specialize in pharma portfolio management, commercial optimization, and research and development strategy whatever your business needs, we have competent experts to partner with you.

  • Receive customized research and analysis that transforms information into actionable development plans. We cover: Clinical trials
  • Drugs
  • Sites
  • Likelihood of approval
  • Probability of technical success
  • Loss of exclusivity
  • Lifecycle management
  • Pipeline and net present value
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Market access factors
  • Partnership and licensing opportunities and more

Get recommendations on capturing the full commercial potential of a product, portfolio or market opportunity, and understand the value and associated risk/return for your drug development portfolio.

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