Sep 20 2017

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Order Fulfillment


Orderbot lives in the “Cloud”. That means your office can be whereever you are, at home, the beach, the cafe down the street, or even an airplane. You are always connected.

It also means you can share Orderbot. With your Sales team, your fulfillment crew, and the fine people in accounting, or whomever else you want.

Orderbot is Software as a Service (SaaS) order management. That means you don’t have to worry about a server or backups, updates or upgrades. We take care of all that for you.

Order guides control not only price and currency, but also what products are visible and available to customers, websites, or marketplaces.

They can be assigned to a single account, or to thousands. So no matter who is placing the order, customer service, sales reps, or the customer themselves, the correct product info will always be displayed.

Right from the order screen, you can get an inventory snapshot of any item, in any warehouse. Once you have added items to an order, you can use the stock status function to check the available inventory of all added items.

If there is insufficient inventory, the order can be fractured on the spot into an order with items for immediate shipping and a backorder that can be shipped when inventory is available.

Payment processing is integrated within the ordering process. Leave orders on account, process payments immediately or pre-authorize credit for later capture. With CardVault, safely and securely store credit cards for later processing of current or future orders.

Shipping charges are tracked separately from your rates and shipping change can be set to equal the rate, or the rate plus a percentage or flat amount.

Have you ever dreamed of a way to track all the samples that go out the door?

Orderbot makes it unbelievably simple. We have a button called “sample,” just click it and add whatever item you want to the orders. It is added to the sample line, completed separately from the items being sold! Tracked by who it was given to, who gave it, and when. It comes out of inventory as a transaction called “samples”, never diluting or distorting sales. It’s pretty magical.

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