Oct 17 2017

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  • Why Do I Need a
    Mesothelioma Attorney?

Mesothelioma cases come with complications unique to the disease. Because symptoms don’t appear for decades, tracking down the companies responsible for your pain can be difficult. If a company no longer exists or operates under a different name, filing a lawsuit isn’t impossible—but it isn’t easy for someone who doesn’t have experience developing these cases for trial. Mesothelioma attorneys understand how these cases work and how to pursue the right parties for compensation.

  • What If I Can t Afford to
    Hire an Attorney?

    Attorneys who represent mesothelioma cases operate with a “contingency fee” arrangement. Simply put, clients pay nothing upfront for the preparation of their case, the investigative resources, or the court fees—the law firm pays for everything. If your case wins, the law firm receives a percentage of the verdict or settlement. If you case does not win, you owe the firm nothing. This ensures that you have nothing to lose and that anyone has the ability to hold their wrongdoers in court.

  • When Do I Need to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

    States will vary, but the common statute of limitations is 2 to 3 years. That means from the date you are diagnosed with mesothelioma (or the date you learn a loved one’s death was caused by mesothelioma), you have a 2-3 years to file a lawsuit against those responsible. In legal terms, that is not a lot of time—especially considering that law firms have to determine who is at fault and whether they can be sued. In other words, you need to act as quickly as possible to get your case started.

  • Is There Anything Specific I Should Look for in a Law Firm?

    Experience and a record of success. You have one opportunity to get justice from your employers or from the manufacturers that caused your disease. The best way to maximize that opportunity is to enlist the help of an experienced firm who has won cases before. Wherever you are in the nation, Shrader Associates L.L.P. Aggressive Advocacy on Your Behalf

    The effects of mesothelioma can be devastating. In many cases, victims of the disease have just a few years to live after their diagnosis. Mesothelioma is directly caused by exposure to asbestos. This means that workers in certain industries, such as construction, are at higher risk of the disease. Employers have a responsibility to keep their employees safe. Unfortunately, the appropriate precautions are not always followed, and employees pay the price. For years, Shrader Associates L.L.P. has aggressively fought on behalf of individuals who were seriously harmed by exposure to asbestos.

    The complications unique to your circumstances don t intimidate us. Our mesothelioma attorneys provide meticulous case investigation, thorough case preparation, and aggressive representation to each and every client. Over the years, we have won hundreds of cases and reached many verdicts and settlements that benefit our clients and ensure they are taken care of.

    Not sure if you have a case? Find out today. Call (844) 256-8685 to learn more about your legal options from Shrader Associates L.L.P.

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    Shrader Associates L.L.P. = The
    Representation You Deserve

    Our mesothelioma attorney team is motivated by the opportunity to make a tangible difference in our clients lives and in the lives of their loved ones. We strive to obtain just compensation on their behalf that covers pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and more.

    By holding the appropriate parties accountable for the injuries their negligence has caused, we are able to help our clients get some closure in their case. This is extremely important to our firm and we will go the extra mile to ensure our clients and their loved ones benefit from our representation.

    Shrader Associates L.L.P. devotes the attention and resources necessary to obtaining a positive outcome in the cases we represent. We are proud to be part of life-changing work that makes a difference in our clients circumstances. We treat our clients like family, and fight all the more aggressively because of our level of personal care and involvement in their lives.


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