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Las Vegas Drug Defense Attorneys – Drug Attorney LV – Las Vegas, Nevada

Drug Defense Attorneys – Las Vegas, Nevada

Drug Possession and Nevada State Law

If you are facing any drug related charges, call us at 702-432-1000 to discuss your case.

A drug offense is one of the most heavily prosecuted areas in criminal law carrying with it some hefty consequences requiring an attorney who has dealt with the laws regulating and criminalizing drug use in Nevada.

Non-alcohol drug laws are a notable exception to Nevada’s otherwise libertarian principles and liberal alcohol laws.

Furthermore, it is notable for having the harshest penalties for drug offenders in the country.

Yet, Nevada remains the only state to still use mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for marijuana possession allowing for a misdemeanor for possession of less than one ounce but only for persons age 21 and older.

In 2006, voters in Nevada defeated attempts to allow possession of 1 ounce of marijuana (for personal use) without being criminally prosecuted. However, Nevada is one of the states that allows for use of marijuana for medical reasons (though this remains illegal under federal law).

Effective January 1, 2017, possession of 1 ounce of marijuana for personal use is legal, but only if you smoke on private property.

In the area of narcotics and controlled substances (other than marijuana ,) it is a felony in Nevada to possess.

There is no way around. A conviction for a drug possession will have a deep effect on your career.

Illegal Drug Possession: Defenses

However there are ways to try to beat the requirement that the drug possessor “knowingly or intentionally” possessed a controlled substance or on constitutional grounds.

It should also be noted that possession is defined with a broad stroke as for the meaning and doesn’t require that you actually have the drugs on your body.

Moreover, if you are charged with drug trafficking where the charge includes a plan to trade for cash or valuables said drugs the penalties are much harsher. The laws of Nevada are complex it shouldn’t be taken for granted that because you were charged with a drug crime you have no way to rectify the matter.

By reading the drug charge articles provided, you should be able to get an understanding of how important it is to get a drug attorney involved with your case.

For example it will become evident immediately when you review the Nevada Drug Schedule article that details how penalties are assigned to specific drugs based on, among other things, the addictive quality of a drug.

Penalties for Illegal Drug Possession

In general the penalties range from misdemeanor to life in prison if death arises as a result of making the drugs available.

For more information on specific drug related crimes and topics please see the following articles:

Heshmati Associates: Las Vegas Drug Defense Attorneys

At the end of the day the penalties are stiff and drug cases require careful analysis of the laws so don’t wait until it is too late to call Heshmati Associates Law Offices at 702-432-1000 .

At Heshmati Associates excellence is everything.

In every drug charge case the law firm:

  • Conducts a comprehensive factual investigation of the drug charge.
  • Thoroughly prepares for trial even for misdemeanor drug charges.
  • Approaches each drug charge case with the mindset that the clients deserve the best defense representation. Even when they are in custody.

When your freedom is at stake nothing less than the best drug defense attorney is acceptable.

Flexible Payment Plans are available. Fees are affordable.

Heshmati Associates law firm is proudly serving Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin South, Boulder City, Mesquite, Laughlin, Paradise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Nellis Air Force Base, University of Las Vegas UNLV.

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Written by Parviz Heshmati, ESQ and Parish Heshmati, ESQ

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As a local Las Vegan, I understand the challenges that drug charges can present to even the strongest people. Tourists are especially vulnerable. Don’t trust your freedom to an attorney who isn’t going to sit on your case.

I will fight hard to make sure your drug charge case gets the defense it deserves.

If you are arrested for a drug related crime, call the Heshmati & Associates Law Offices as soon as you can to discuss your situation. Our number: 702-432-1000 .
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