May 16 2018

Label free, plate based SPR screening, protein-protein biomolecular interaction analysis, gold pharma.#Gold #pharma

gold pharma

Gold pharma

Gold pharma

Innovative technologies for

biomolecular interaction analysis

Pharma Diagnostics’ vision is to transform biomolecular interaction analysis – we are the first company to enable SPR label-free analysis of protein-protein interactions on a standard absorbance plate reader.

Our SoPRano™ technology is unique in that no specialized SPR instrument is required. The SoPRano™ platform uses a variant of SPR known as LSPR (Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance) whereby gold nanomaterials conjugated to a biomolecule exhibit specific changes in absorbance upon ligand interaction which can be read on a standard absorbance plate-reader.

The SoPRano™ platform enables high throughput, plate-based, homogenous SPR assays. It delivers both the affinity of interaction (KD) and kinetics, ka (association rate or on-rate) and kd (dissociation rate or off-rate), as well as standard end-point assays. Furthermore, the long read-times possible with SoPRano™ assays (currently up to

1 hour) enable data to be collected to equilibrium for systems with slower association (on-rates, ka) or dissociation (off-rates, kd).

Pharma Diagnostics offers services on its SoPRano™ platform. Because it only requires a standard absorbance plate reader, SoPRano™ technology delivers kinetics data at a fraction of the investment cost of current SPR methods which require an expensive, specialized instrument. This enables the broader application of SPR label-free biomolecular interaction analysis by reducing the financial barrier of adoption.

The SoPRano™ platform is highly flexible, with diverse applications in basic research and therapeutic R D, including:

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