Jul 23 2017

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Welcome to HPV Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Dr. Arani, M.D.

It stands for Human Papilloma Virus. Many HPV has been recognized to this date. Each of them has location preference means they have specific affinity to certain part of the body and It is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is responsible for genital and anal warts. There is no FDA approved HPV test for malesto this date. After the eradication of warts there is no way to determine if a patient is HPV free nor is there a way to guarantee the removal of the virus. In other words, an experienced clinician may destroy and treat specific genital warts in one or more attempts but he or she can not assure that the patient will not get new warts some place else. The behavior of this virus depends on many variables such as the strength of a patient’s immune system, whether or not the patient is a smoker, or the level of aggression of his or her HPV. We will address all these issues on your visit.

What Are Genital Warts ?

Dr. S. Arani Lecture on Human Pappiloma Virus Pathophysiology

Genital warts are stubborn sexually transmitted disease and that don’t go away as easily as other skin condition. We have treated thousands of People in the past with a high success rate and excellent outcome. It demands clinical experience and skill. We take them off your body individually. Dr. ARANI, M.D.

Walk in for Same Day Painless Genital Anal Warts Removal

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