Aug 11 2017

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Health Care Conference Administrators, LLC, after offering over 200 major healthcare and life sciences conferences over the past 15 years, is changing its name to Global Health Care, LLC (GHC, LLC) and will operate the following two separate lines of business “GHC, LLC Health Care” and “GHC, LLC Life Sciences.” GHC, LLC Health Care will offer healthcare policy and practice conferences. GHC, LLC Life Sciences will offer conferences principally focused on legal and compliance issues for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies. New GHC, LLC Health Care and GHC, LLC Life Sciences websites will be launched shortly.

Health Care Conference Administrators, LLC Offers Advanced Learning Opportunities for Clinicians and Healthcare Executives

  • From Operations to Academia
  • From Clinical Practice to Corporate Management
  • From Main Street to Wall Street

  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Congress
  • Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Summit
  • Asia Pacific Pharma Compliance Congress
  • Bundled Payment Summit
  • California Healthcare Symposium
  • Comparative Effectiveness Summit
  • Congress on Financing and Restructuring Integrated Healthcare Systems
  • Congress on Governing Physician Organizations and Integrated Healthcare Systems
  • Connecting Communities Learning Forum
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare Summit
  • Disclosure, Transparency and Aggregate Spend Summit
  • Disease Management Colloquium at Jefferson
  • eHealth Symposium
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Summit
  • Emergency Management Summit
  • Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovation Congress
  • FDA Symposium
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Summit
  • Health IT and Delivery Transformation Summit
  • Health IT Summit for Government Leaders
  • HIPAA Summit
  • HIT Summit
  • HIT Symposium at MIT
  • International Medical Device Regulatory and Compliance Congress
  • International Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress
  • Medical Device Regulatory and Compliance Congress
  • Medical Home Summit
  • Medical Research Summit
  • Medicaid Congress
  • Medicare Congress
  • Medicare RAC Summit
  • Medicare Readmissions Summit
  • National Congress on Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
  • National Congress on Healthcare Clinical Innovations, Quality Improvement and Cost Containment
  • National Congress on Healthcare Compliance
  • National Congress on Health Insurance Reform
  • National Congress on the Future of Medical Practice
  • National Congress on Un and Under Insured
  • National Employee Benefit Summit
  • National Health Reform Congress
  • Palliative Care Summit
  • Pay for Performance Summit
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress
  • Predictive Modeling Summit
  • Privacy and Data Security Summit
  • Regional Extension Centers (REC) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) Summit
  • Retail Clinic Summit
  • Stark Reality

  • Disease Management Colloquium at Jefferson
  • eHealth Colloquium at Harvard
  • FDA Regulatory and Compliance Symposium at Harvard
  • HIPAA Colloquium at Harvard
  • HIT Symposium at MIT
  • Pharma, Biotech and Device Colloquium at Princeton
  • Privacy Symposium at Harvard
  • Quality Colloquium at Harvard

  • CME Audioconferences
  • Compliance Audioconferences
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare Audioconferences
  • Disclosure Audioconferences
  • Disease Management Audioconferences
  • Emergency Management Audioconferences
  • Green Healthcare Audiconferences
  • Health Policy Audioconferences
  • HIPAA Audioconferences
  • HIT Audioconferences
  • Medicaid Audioconferences
  • Medical Device Audioconferences
  • Medical Home Audioconferences
  • Medicare Audioconferences
  • Obesity Audioconferences
  • Patient Safety Audioconferences
  • Pay for Performance Audioconferences
  • Pharma Audioconferences
  • Research Audioconferences
  • Uninsured Audioconferences
  • Wellness Audioconferences

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