Jul 27 2017

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Experience and Excellence Atlanta, Georgia Malpractice Lawyer

When a person is hurt or damaged by a professional s negligence or other error, Georgia law allows the victim who has suffered harm to recover damages and to be compensated for pain and suffering. Malpractice occurs when a professional, such as a medical professional, fails to use the level of care or skill that is required. Even when a professional has a good reputation, in any given situation, professionals can fail to perform their skills properly and cause serious harm or tragically, death. The professional s performance is compared to and based upon the standard of care for that profession within the community. Scholle Law represents victims of injury caused by professional malpractice, and their families, in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia.

When the level of care or skill causes harm, Georgia law allows victims to recover from the injuries caused by the professional s harm. In fact, the Georgia Supreme Court has determined that it is unconstitutional to limit the amount a victim can recover for what is called pain and suffering in medical malpractice cases because victims have a right to have a jury decide this issue.

There is a wide range of injury and damage that can occur in each type of malpractice, particularly in the medical-related fields. As a top personal injury lawyer. Charles Scholle is highly skilled at building a solid case, securing the evidence and experts required to help clients who have suffered an injury due to malpractice in such areas as:

Charles Scholle litigates complex personal injury cases with skill and compassion. Clients rely on him to handle their legal matters during the most difficult and painful times in the their lives.

CALL OUR LAW FIRM FOR A FREE MALPRACTICE CASE EVALUATION toll free 1 866 972 5287 or in Atlanta 770 717 5100

Our law firm is different than most in the personal injury and malpractice area. We treat our clients and their families with personal care and concern and we do not accept a high volume of cases. Many firms say they provide personal attention to their clients and then after they are retained, begin to ignore their clients. From the first conversation through the end of your case, our firm s legal team will communicate with you and keep you informed through the entire process. We have the experience and knowledge to handle the most complex malpractice cases with care and compassion.

Charles Scholle offers free initial consultations and case evaluations for prospective clients. If you have suffered, or believe you have suffered, from professional malpractice and you would like to explore your legal options, Charles Scholle can help. We will review your matter in detail and provide an evaluation free of charge and with no obligation .

To set up your free consultation, please send the firm a message online or call toll free at 1 866 972 5287 or in Atlanta at 770 717 5100 .

We are located throughout the Atlanta area. Our main office is located in Gwinnett County and we serve clients from offices in Buckhead and the Perimeter. as well as throughout surrounding counties and within Georgia.

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