Jun 13 2017

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Family Law in India

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Miscarriage Of Justice :
Leaving aside issues of evidence and proof, one possible definition of “miscarriage” in the context of criminal justice will now be suggested

Miscarriage of Fast Track Justice. The comment of Justice A.S. Anand, – the acquittal decision in Best Bakery trial by a fast track court as ‘miscarriage of justice’

Latest Additions of family laws
Child Custody law in India
Misuse of Anti Dowry Laws. Dowry is one of the biggest social evils facing our country

Legalize Abortion In India. �Abortion is defined by the Canadian Intermediate Dictionary as the deliberate ending

Family Courts in India. �Influenced by jurisdictions of countries like China, USA and England

Domestic Violence Act – Fundamental rights. Domestic violence is sadly a reality in Indian society, a truism. In the Indian patriarchal

Muslim women’s right for dissolution of marriage. The Shariah law is quite progressive as far as women are concerned. Islam was the first.

Section 498 IPC. constitutional validity of the section 498-A with references to cases like �Inder Raj Malik and others vs. Mrs. Sumita Malik� ?>

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