Jul 6 2017

Donate A Car in KC Kansas City Car Donation, donating cars in KC is easy


Auto Donation Center of Kansas City

Donate A Car in KC

November 20, 2014: When you donate a car in Kansas, you’re helping the communities we live in. Today, we gave a donated 2005 Ford Taurus to a school employee.

A resource officer of the Valley Center Middle School, Allen Adams, of the Valley Center PD, told us of a woman that helps the school children in Valley Center. It was his request that motivated us to help Ashley Ransom of Wichita, Kansas. As you can see in the picture, she was very surprised by the gift.

About American Children’s Society

American Children’s Society is a 501c(3) charity, registered with the IRS and State Agencies. We help ill and disadvantaged children and their families.

We rely on vehicle donations and public support to make our programs successful.

Our Kansas City Auto Donation Center workers were privileged to participate and work with the amazing staff of KCTV-5 in collecting and delivering the water to these victims and we express our thank’s to the WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF THE KANSAS CITY AREA who generously donated water and money to help our neighbors in Oklahoma suffering such a tragic loss.

We are very proud to be a part of this great community and of every one who came out to help. We as a charitable organization will continue to do as much work as we possibly can to help those in times of such great need. Now you can be a part of helping others when you donate a car for kids.

The American Childrens Society, Inc.

Donate a car in KC. help kids with cancer. Donating a car in Kansas City has never been easier. Choose the American Childrens Society for your auto donation needs.

* Receive the Highest Tax Deduction Possible

* We accept cars in all of the KC area

* Donate Your Kansas City Car in Any Condition

* Cars, Trucks, Boats, Heavy Equipment, Vans, Suvs, just about anything on wheels can be donated

Your KC car donation will help kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

The auto donation process is very easy, all we need from you is the title and the keys, we’ll do the rest. No title? We can pick it up anyway. just have your insurance and registration card as proof of ownership.

When you donate cars in Kansas City, you’ll receive:

*The Highest Tax Deduction

* Fast, Free Pick Up anywhere in the KC area

* All Charity Car Donations Accepted, Regardless of Age or Condition

* No Title? Not a problem! You can still make an auto donation

* 100% of Your Donation Benefits Charity

* Avoid the Hassles of Selling it Yourself

* Cars, Trucks, Vans, Suvs, Heavy Equipment, just about anything on wheels

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