Oct 13 2017

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Detox Drinks To Pass Drug Tests

THC, the main component of marijuana, is a fat-soluble substance. That means that when your body burns fat cells, it releases certain metabolites in your more

A urine drug test, the most common form of screening, can detect these easily identifiable metabolites. If you’ve smoked marijuana anytime in the past few weeks, you could end up with a positive test and a world of trouble.

The only way to get rid of the markers completely is to burn the fat cells or wait until they metabolize naturally, both of which take a great deal of time and effort. Indeed, it may take a month from the last time you smoked to be rid of the metabolites.

So how do you beat a drug test if you don’t have over a month to prepare?

How Can Detox Drinks Help Me Pass a Drug Test?

There is a quicker way to ensure THC molecules don’t appear in a urine drug test: temporarily prevent your body’s ability to burn fat cells in the first place. That’s what detox drinks are designed to do.

You can increase your chances of passing your drug test by drinking plenty of water for a couple of hours before the test. Since drinking a great deal of fluids before you take your test can dilute your urine and raise suspicion, many detox drinks also replace the creatine levels and natural color of undiluted urine.

Why Do I Need a Detox Drink for a Drug Test?

A positive marijuana test can complicate your life. You could lose valuable benefits or even a job if you’re caught with THC in your system. Whether you smoke habitually, occasionally or even just experimentally, you could get in hot water for failing a drug test.

The world is gradually accepting marijuana use as normal and even harmless, but some employers haven’t moved on. In spite of changing legal and social realities, many still require marijuana drug tests.

Our Drug Detox Drinks

Our Absolute Detox drinks have been proven to cleanse your system. They inhibit your body’s ability to metabolize fat cells for a certain period of time. Drinking 60 minutes before a scheduled drug test will ensure that no THC is released into your system when you take the test. The effects last for up to 5 hours, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your test. While our Absolute Detox drink works great for anyone under 200 lbs. we also sell Absolute Detox XXL and Rescue Clean 32 oz. to help those over 200 lbs. get a clean result.

We offer only the best drug detox drinks so you won’t be left with a positive result.

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