Sep 10 2017

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Comfortable And Comprehensive Dentistry That Can Restore Not Only Your Smile But Your Life

Learn About Ways You Can Improve Your Smile And Your Comfort Experience Right Here At Bluebonnet Dental Care

Botox Cosmetic Injections

Bluebonnet Dental Care provides BOTOX Cosmetic injections to patients in the Baton Rouge area who are seeking skin rejuvenation in addition to the finest dental care. Fine lines and deep wrinkles naturally form on the face as we age, a process that is only hastened by stress and exposure to the elements.

Dr. Jessica Bruni, a BOTOX-certified specialist, injects the BOTOX solution directly into the muscles responsible for facial wrinkling using a very small needle. This temporarily paralyzes the muscles, which causes them to relax and wrinkles and fine lines to become less visible. Side effects, including mild numbness, minor swelling and headaches, usually subside after a few days. In just a few minutes, you will be on your way to a younger appearance to match your beautiful smile.

Same Day Dentistry For Busy Families

Is it possible to get my dentistry done today? Our answer in almost every case is YES! Our mission is to help you get your dentistry done today. That’s because we know you are busy and you may have taken off work or hired a sitter for the kids, so most often, we will ask, “Would you like to take care of that today”? We offer convenient hours for our patients and our desire is for you to have the best dental experience you have ever had in a very inviting office.

So what if I am from out of town? Can I get help?

The answer is simple – YES . It happens more than most people think. You’re from out of town and you go to a new restaurant only to bite into some food and break a tooth, or a filling falls out, or a crown comes loose. The frustration and uncertainty about what to do sets in. We understand how these things can happen and we are just a phone call away from helping you get the assistance you need. We also have an in house dentures lab that can handle most lab dental emergencies, including denture and partial denture repairs.

See A List Of Bluebonnet Ammenities
  • Relaxing Sedation Options
  • Early and Evening Appointments
  • All rooms equipped with Cable TVs and Music Headphones
  • Low Radiation Digital X-rays
  • Emergencies Seen Immediately
  • Same-Day Dentistry
  • Most Dental Procedures Performed In-office
  • Most Dental Insurance Accepted
  • Complimentary Benefits Check
Cerec Same Down Crowns

If you have broken, chipped or cracked teeth that need a crown, the thought of multiple visits to get it fixed is not appealing. Bluebonnet Dental Care has the ability to do crowns in a day with Cerec® Technology .

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