Aug 13 2017

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vTv Therapeutics LLC (vTv) is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of human therapeutics to fill unmet medical needs. Our mission is to advance clinical drug candidates discovered with our innovative technology into safe and effective medicines.

vTv has a pipeline of small molecule clinical and pre-clinical drug candidates for the treatment of a wide range of human diseases including central nervous system disorders, metabolic disorders, inflammation and cancer. The company has built its product candidate portfolio through internal discovery and is advancing its product candidates through in-house research and development efforts. The quality and breadth of vTv’s product candidate pipeline, platform technology, scientific team and strategic collaborations have enabled it to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical company.

The company’s commitment to drug discovery is reflected in its medical solutions and the many exciting potential new treatment options in its pipeline. The company’s major R D activities have focused on central nervous system disorders, metabolic disorders, inflammation and oncology.

vTv is advancing several proprietary drug candidates. The company’s lead candidate, azeliragon (aka TTP488), is a novel, orally bioavailable small molecule compound that is being developed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In a Phase 2 clinical trial in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, azeliragon showed a statistically significant difference of more than 3 points in ADAS-cog at 18 months compared to placebo.

Azeliragon has been granted Fast Track Designation and agreement on its Phase 3 protocol has been reached with FDA via a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA). The Phase 3 study in patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease was initiated in April 2015 with a clear path forward to registration with the aim to demonstrate disease modification.

vTv is also prosecuting the clinical development of TTP399, a novel functionally liver-selective Glucokinase Activator (“GKA”) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In a Phase 2a study, TTP399 normalized patients’ HbA1c without inducing hypoglycemia, after only six weeks of treatment. A six-month Phase 2 study is ongoing.

In addition to TTP488 and TTP399, the vTv pipeline includes:

• TTP273: the first orally available GLP1R agonist for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in Phase 2
• HPP593: a PPARδ agonist for the prevention of muscle weakness associated with prolonged mechanical ventilation and critical injury
• HPP737: a PDE4 inhibitor for inflammatory diseases
• HPP971: a Bach1 inhibitor in phase I being developed for inflammatory/immunology related diseases
• Pre-clinical Hexokinase II inhibitors targeting cancer metabolism

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