Oct 12 2017

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New Hampshire Car Accidents

For New Hampshire state residents in between the ages of 5-34, vehicular crashes are the number one cause of death. More than 30,000 individuals, across the United States, are killed in car accidents each year, and according to the national CDC database, more than 100 New Hampshire residents are killed in auto accidents each year. For example, in 2005, 132 NH state residents were killed as a result of vehicular collisions.

According to the same CDC report, in 2005, New Hampshire car accidents were responsible for creating more than $2 million dollars in medical expenses for the victims, and the monetary amount of work loss costs topped a staggering $142 million. For a state with only slightly over a million residents total, these numbers are quite significant. While steps are being taken to address the contributing factors behind these numbers, automobile accidents in New Hampshire still occur all too frequently.

New Hampshire residents who become involved in a car accident could be subjected to severe trauma or injuries, scarring, disfigurement, heavy financial losses, and in the worst incidences, death. For survivors who are left disabled, they could lose their ability to work, business, livelihood, and primary source of income. A minor car accident can produce moderate to severe financial losses, emotional trauma, physical pain, and much more.

The good news is that, in the state of New Hampshire, the laws have been designed to provide assistance for the victims of car accidents. Whether you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, then it is imperative that you engage the services of a professional and qualified New Hampshire car accident lawyer immediately. New Hampshire is different from other states in the Union for the fact that a plaintiff does not have to have already has proof of injuries or damages before they can file a suit. The New Hampshire court system, in the case of automobile accidents, is primarily concerned with issues of liability and damages.

A New Hampshire auto accident attorney will provide legal representation for a victim, and they will provide assistance in obtaining justice against the at fault party. Negligence is often the result of failing to exercise reasonable care, reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, or failure to yield the right of way. If the carelessness of another drive is the causal factor in an accident, then an auto injury lawyer will be able to prove this in a court of law. If a victim has suffered from financial losses and/or physical injury, then they deserve compensation.

In the state of New Hampshire, the most difficult factor to prove in a legal claim is liability. The plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that the other party was more negligent in the accident than the plaintiff was. If they are unable to do so, then they will be unable to recover financial compensation. Just a few examples of how liability can be proven include demonstrating that the other party was driving while intoxicated, speeding, failing to signal a turn, following too closely, or something similar. As a general benchmark for being able to recover damages, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the offending party was more than 50% responsible for the accident. What is needed to prove liability is hard evidence, and this is where the assistance of an NH auto injury lawyer can be invaluable.

In a New Hampshire court of law, a plaintiff must also be able to prove that he or she was significantly injured in the accident. Under the New Hampshire legal system, there are two different forms of recoverable losses: personal injury and property damage. In the event that one is seeking damages for personal injuries, a professional medical diagnosis must be offered as the basis for analysis. A professional and experienced lawyer will have the knowledge of which medical experts should be consulted and which professionals will be willing to testify on behalf of the plaintiff. All of these elements must be met in order to receive compensation for injuries.

An automobile accident can also result in property damages or the loss of property, including the victim’s vehicle. Under the definition of the law, a victim is entitled to receive compensation for these types of damages. Proving the existence of such damages is the simple part. The hard part arises in acquiring compensation. Insurance companies, depending upon whose side they are representing, will bring in their own experts who will offer different opinions from the other side’s. Each expert will offer their own opinion regarding replacement costs, property depreciation, the current market value of the property, and a number of other factors that will affect the monetary amount of compensation that the plaintiff receives for their claim.

The victims of automobile accidents often experience anger, physical and emotional pain, and distress, but claims alone are not enough to create a valid legal claim. Evidence that the plaintiff is currently seeking medical treatment and that there was the presence of substantial physical injury must be presented.

In the state of New Hampshire, the victim of an automobile accident is provided with a maximum of three years, after the date of the accident, to file a legal claim. However, the longer a victim chooses to wait, the more difficult it will be to document their injuries and struggles and to prove them in a court of law. The case will become cold. If the issue is not addressed immediately, proving the negligence of another party can become downright difficult.

New Hampshire state residents, or their loved ones, who have been involved in serious automobile accidents are encouraged to contact legal representation as quickly as possible. This is where our professional and experienced lawyers can step in to be of assistance. Your initial consultation is 100% free, and with our assistance, a victim will have a fighting chance to obtain the financial compensation that they deserve for their losses and physical injuries.

Give our lawyers a call for a free consultation to go over your case and discuss how our attorneys can help you get what you deserve.

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