Jun 14 2017

CAD Design Software – EDA Software for use with AutoCAD and BricsCAD – Electronics Packaging


Ceramic MCM / LTCC Technology
Supports designs for all types of MCM technologies. A dedicated hybrid library allows a user to save bare die and dies with wires.

RF / Microwave Technology
Provides tools that enhances the design of RF / Microwave / Wireless printed circuit boards and creation
of complex embedded circuits.

PCB Technology
The PCB layout environment is a
core set of tools to natively supports
all major features for PCB circuit design technologies.

Flex Technology
Provides tools to speed up the
design of flexible printed circuits
with true arcs teardrop fillets
with in DRC and Gerber files.

Lead Frame Technology
Semi-automatic, yet extremely fast process to turn Lead Frame designs that were manually drawn to the standard CDS data format.

IC Packaging Technology
Contains powerful tools that have
been developed in direct response
to the needs of the world’s largest silicon and packaging companies.

Flip Chip / Die Bump Technology
Automates the process of creating redistribution routing and bump
artwork to convert a standard
die to a flipchip die.

Schematic Layout Design
A full featured schematic program capable of quickly laying out schematic diagrams and outputting netlists to most popular formats.

Customized Solutions

Not only does CDS provide feature-rich Electronic Design Automation (EDA) layout solutions, we also consult with clients to create custom circuit design solutions to smooth out their specific development flows. Over the past 18 years, CDS has worked with customers to develop many custom software solutions. We pride ourselves in adapting the software to the customers’ needs, and not asking the customer to adapt their flow to the software’s functions. CDS also writes customer data that links to Epoxy Dispense, Die Placement and All Types of Wire Bonding Machines.

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