Jul 31 2017

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Data Recovery

AOS Legal Technologies provides the most advanced data recovery service, data recovery software, and data recovery solutions for data loss on a wide variety of digital recording media.

AOS Legal Technologies is proud of its data recovery rate which places us in the top level for the industry.* Our data recovery service is quick and reliable. We provide the highest level of services for businesses, governmental organizations, specialist organizations, and individual customers. (*from our own data and the public information from other companies)

Inquiries are welcome for data recovery in the case of accidentally deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible data files. Free phone consultation and evaluation are available from our skilled staff.

Data Recovery Service

AOS Legal Technologies has built its own know-how and technical capability from the development of “FINALDATA”, the #1 market share data recovery software product in Japan and through alliances with many PC manufacturers and hard drive manufacturers.
AOS Legal Technologies provides data recovery service for digital recording media such as hard disks and data recovery service for cell phones and smart phones through use of its know-how and technical capability.

Basic Features of AOS Data Recovery

  • Recovery of virtually any type of file and OS.
  • Data Recovery from Notebook PC, Desktop PC, Server, NAS, external hard drive, and many kinds of memory devices such as USB memory.
  • Data Recovery from files that cannot be opened, broken RAID, disk failure, file corruption by virus infection, accidental deletion of mail, etc.

AOS Legal Technologies provides not only Windows PC and digital camera data recovery but also Macintosh data recovery, Linux data recovery, and database recoveries which are difficult for other vendors.
Please feel free to contact us to recover your important data.

Data Recovery Software

“FINALDATA” has been designed so that even a PC novice is able to recover data easily with the advanced data recovery technologies provided. It maintains its #1 market share position in the data recovery market in Japan every year. As long as the computer and disk drive are working properly, FINALDATA can recovery data after troubles such as accidental file deletion and disk formatting.

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