Jul 31 2017

Anyone use Visa travelmoney card to go to Paris Pros #paris, #ile-de-france, #anyone #use #visa


Anyone use Visa travelmoney card to go to Paris Pros/cons? – Paris Forum

Anyone use Visa travelmoney card to go to Paris Pros/cons?

If you re American (and you seem to be), then U.S. credit cards carry much, much better theft and fraud protection than debit cards. A number of credit cards, including ones from Capital One, carry no foreign-transaction fees, though some cards (both credit and debit) carry up to 2% foreign-transaction fees. Some cards have additional benefits such as travel insurance, etc. If you find a card that works for you, you can pre-fund it with a few hundred or thousand dollars before your trip, and you won t get hit with cash advance charges either. YMMV.

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I wouldn t try using a CC in an ATM to get cash. You are not offered the choice of account and will be paying the full CC charges from the moment of withdrawal. Hence you use a specific ATM/debit card.

Back to the original question. Have a look at the actual cost of buying, say €1000 to put on a travel card, vs the daily bank inter-rate which you can find by putting €1000 in usd into Google. There can be a 6% or more difference at times. Add to that any charges for holding the card, using a foreign ATM, adding more to the card, retrieving the credit balance when you return home etc and they are NOT a good deal.

If you do not have a separate ATM card, get one from you bank, with a four digit PIN. Best of all, get one from a bank that charges no overseas fees.

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If you have a positive balance on your credit card account, it will not incur any cash advance charges, for every US-based card I ve seen. On some cards, however, there is a separate cash advance fee, which is not good.

A typical debit card will charge 3% or more for withdrawing cash:

Many banks charge fees for using debit cards or withdrawing cash at foreign ATMs. For example, Citi charges a 3 percent currency conversion fee when you use an ATM card abroad.

In addition to this, if you have a lot of money in your account (or overdraft protection), then a robbery or other event that compromises your card and PIN will wipe out your bank account, with no recourse. With a U.S. credit card, you are limited to a $50 total liability.

Now, cash advances are a TERRIBLE IDEA almost all of the rest of the time, including if you don t have a credit balance, or if your issuer charges a fee. Best is to find fee-free cards:…

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Interesting, my Citi charges me nothing. It is my fee free debit card. And most ATMs in Europe do not charge a fee of their own. But my usual ANZ CC would charge me a fee to use it overseas as would my NAB debit/ATM card.

Things differ from country to country and bank to bank, and I had been advised on TA that in the US it is not allowed to put your CC into positive balance and to do so means that money may not be protected from fraud.

Look into these things with your own bank.

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Currently traveling in France and Italy with an ANZ Mastercard Euro Travel card (imagine Visa the same) – a small fee was charged at the time of set up. To date it has been fantastic – no additional fees and accepted everywhere I have used it – hotels, small shops, restaurants. Can also get cash from ATM.

Using an ATM debit card incurs a set fee per transaction – for using an overseas ATM – which can soon add up. May be different fee structures depending on country, bank, accounts, but it works in France.

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