Aug 13 2017

Aftermarket Supply Chain Association focused on 3PSPs to whom OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies


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The RLA was founded in 2002 when research studies were completed which revealed that over $750 billion annually was being spent on reverse logistics processes in North America alone. It was determined that a wide gap existed between third party service providers who offered reverse logistics services, and the OEMs, Retailers, and Brand Marketers who needed their services. The study also revealed there was no existing platform for discussing and sharing ‘best practices’ through any tradeshows, magazines, or trade associations that served the Aftermarket Supply Chain, or as it is called today – Reverse Logistics.

RLA’s Mission

We are a member driven global trade association for the returns and reverse industry, offering information, research, solutions and services for Manufacturers, Branded, and Retail companies from Third Party Providers. Our goal is to educate and inform Reverse Logistics professionals around the world, and be the voice of the returns and reverse industry.

The RLA focuses on all industries in the reverse logistics process, and our goal is to provide RL process knowledge to all industries. We want to educate everyone about the reverse logistics processes that are common to all industries. The Reverse Logistics Association monitors thousands of 3rd Party Service Solutions Partners worldwide who are providing Aftermarket services, while supporting the outsourcing needs of OEM, ODM, Branded and Retail companies.


In order to be able to support world-wide trade conferences and the many other activities of the association, the RLA relies on funding through annual membership fees, and service fees for the various products it provides. Becoming a member of the association means you have access to a wide range of participatory opportunities to interact with RL professionals and top Fortune 500 companies who are engaged in cutting-edge best practices, and who are dedicated to increasing the knowledge base of all RL professionals.

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