May 18 2020

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Imexpharma is one of the leading service providers for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies that are interested in operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We provide our clients many services that include market analysis, registration, marketing, sales and distribution, consulting, as well as in-licensing. We truly hope you find this website useful to you!

Imexpharma provides registrations, performs market analyses, also it markets and sells and distributes medical products for a large spectrum of companies including large pharmaceutical corporations and small biotechnological firms. We are primarily focused on Republic of Kazakhstan but have plans for entering/expanding to other CIS countries in near future. We are presently obtaining licenses for many pharmaceuticals on behalf of several clients; we are conducting market assessments for them as well as assisting them with their marketing campaigns.

Our unique blend of innovation, quality and marketing proficiency has a stable platform to produce long term commitment with clients resulting in mutually complete satisfaction.

Imexpharma is utterly committed to bringing new pharmaceuticals to patients in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We welcome you to grow together with Imexpharma.

We are specialized in helping pharmaceutical companies to enter and attain success in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Pharmaceutical distributor

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Imexpharma strives for

  • Honesty, Integrity and Trust
  • Dedication
  • Professionalis

in every step of its action.


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