May 17 2020

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Unparalleled Opportunities

to forge New Business Relationships

Excellent event focused on my needs! I will definitely come back.

Isam Economy Company Saudi Arabia • Business Development Manager

  • I liked the organization very much as well as the ease of switching meetings, also to get the chance to make as many meetings as possible.

    Hikma Jordan • Corporate Development Senior Manager

  • “Well organised programme with good contacts and excellent service.”

    Business Development Manager • Sun Pharma South Africa

  • “Useful partner leads established compared to other types of meetings. Excellent!”

    Business Development Manager • Sun Pharma South Africa

  • Focus on small and mid-sized companies…Excellent!

    UP PHARMA Mexico • Business Development Director

  • “The pre-event networking enabled companies to seek out those that best suited their interests. This made the event a lot more useful and productive. Excellent!”

    Director • Seagull Pharmaceuticals India

  • To the point meetings, possible through preselection of companies. Excellent and well organized!

    BD Manager • Sanofi Aventis Belgium

  • There is an excellent opportunity in securing good partners in this event.

    Managing Director • Pharmaco Healthcare South Africa

  • Excellent event with considerable new partners!

    Arterium Corp. UkraineBusiness Development Manager

  • Excellent event to license in and out, and to build lots of useful contacts!

    CEO • Valtion Medical Switzerland

  • Excellent networking with productive outcome of meetings!

    Indus Pharma Pakistan • General Manager Intl. Op.

  • The pre-event networking is simply perfect!

    Linnea Switzerland • Area Manager

  • “The event coordinators made this event really easy and helped to optimize it and being positive. Excellent!”

    Sales Manager • Alifarm Spain

  • …The pre-qualification process was much smoother and efficient compared to many other networking events that I have attended. Excellent!

    Lab.Magnachem Dominican Republic • Excecutive VP

  • “Meetings were well arranged in advance and matchmaking was made very easy, resulting in focused meetings….professional participants and remarkable organization!”

    Sales Manager • Alifarm Spain

  • “I have a great consideration for this partnering event, especially because it is really focused on what participants want.”

    Sales Manager • Alifarm Spain

  • Pre-event networking was excellent, the organization of the event was excellent.

    Eurotron Intl. Croatia • Marketing & Sales Manager

  • Very efficient, with fruitful meetings with the most important local Saudi Arabian companies and relevant companies from Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt among others.

    Biosidus Argentina • Director New Business

  • High number of initial contacts that have a potential to proceed and this is due to the early preparation of the event by PharmaVenue.

    Business Development Manager • Bioavenir Israel

  • Excellent! Better than trade-shows.

    Director Global Innovation & TechnologyBayer Switzerland

  • Excellent! Many opportunities to expand our product portfolio.

    Cimed Group Brazil • Marketing and BD Executive Manager

  • Really good event since I had information about the companies prior to the meeting making meetings more effective.

    UP PHARMA Mexico • Business Development Director

  • “The event delivered everything that it promised and more…outstanding service, with due attention paid to even the smallest details.”

    Director • Seagull Pharmaceuticals India

  • Excellent, the meetings met my expectations and the organization was very good.

    Medapharm Lebanon • Business Development Manager

  • Urgo always goes to PharmaVenue to find new business partners, it’s a key event!

    Urgo Healthcare France • Licensing Manager

  • Excellent contacts to export our products…We found only interested parties in our products and there is a clear yes or no reply.

    Very effective… my experience shows that the rate of new companies is higher with PharmaVenue. High attendancy rate and diversity of companies.

    Lab. Atral Portugal • Business Development Manager

  • Excellent! Valuable business contacts with potential projects.

    Midas Pharma China • Vice President, BD & Licensing

  • The organization and planning was top level…Straight forward and comprehensive event!

    Amman Pharmaceutical Industries Jordan BD Manager

  • Many new acquaintances combined with a perfect organization of the meetings. Excellent!

    Galenica Greece • New Business Development Manager

  • Network meetings with profiles have much greater value than trade shows where you wander around trying to find the right potential partners.

    Chief Licensing Officer • Effcon Lab. USA

  • Excellent! Very useful to do pre-event networking. The coordinators were awesome.

    Eckhart Corp. USA • Vice President

  • Organization and pre-event networking via the system was excellent!

    Portfolio Development Manager • Sanofi Belgium

  • “The pre-event networking was done perfectly well and helped all participants to be clear about what they could expect from the event. Excelent!”

    Director • Seagull Pharmaceuticals India

  • Logistics and organization has been outstanding!

    Business Development Project Manager • Sanofi Spain

  • Meetings generate new and unexpected ideas of collaboration and always facilitate the projects in progress.

    Aguettant USA • Director Business Development

  • Well done event. I have met very interesting partners and all planned meetings were done!

    Lainco Spain • Commercial Director

  • Excellent etiquetted program that you provided… considerable new contacts!

    Elmedani Modern Pharmacy Sudan • Owner

  • More and better personal contacts compared to trade shows. General event coordination was excellent.

    Alfred E. Tiefenbacher Germany • Business Development Manager

  • “The pre-event networking was very effective, I don’t think that it can be improved. Very good service provided by the Event Coordinators!” international Italy • Business Development Manager

  • The partners met have a real interest in building up business partnerships.

    Nutrisens Medical France • Export Sales Manager

  • Extremely good networking possibilities. Easy and effective organization. Excellent!

    Director OTC • Sanofi-Aventis Belgium

  • It was an easy and friendly event, very good!

    Daiichi Sankyo Brazil • New Business and Development Director

  • “We had very good meetings generating potential clients and suppliers….around 8 contacts to initiate projects.”

    Procare Health Spain • Sales Manager

  • Establish Partnerships through pre-scheduled One-On-One Meetings .

    Attended by mid-sized companies from around 40 countries.

    Pharma licensing

    Select New Partners

    The highly interactive matchmaking process guarantees many productive meetings for subsequent follow-up.

    Pharma licensing

    Meet Decision Makers

    Have up to 30 pre-scheduled one-on-one partnering meetings with matching interests.

    Pharma licensing

    Expand your Business

    Pharma licensing

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