Mar 21 2020

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pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

US FDA approves drug duo pill for HIV

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved ViiV Healthcare’s two-drug treatment for HIV-1 maintenance, the first time the drugs have been combined into a single pill.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Fresenius Kabi investing $100m and adding 445 jobs in North Carolina

Encouraged by a North Carolina state grant, Fresenius Kabi will expand its prefilled syringes business acquired from Becton, Dickinson and Company in 2016.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Former Pfizer, Sanofi and Acacia execs on the move

In a game of hiring Tetris, an Eli Lilly alumni is promoted at Astellas, and former Sanofi chairman is employed by Pertinax Pharma.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

London to Amsterdam in 16 months a ‘demanding challenge’ says EMA

European member states have selected Amsterdam as the post-Brexit home of the European Medicines Agency, following a secret ballot vote in Brussels yesterday.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pfizer demands return of drugs set for use in US lethal injections

The Big Pharma firm says it strongly objects to its products being used for capital punishment and has asked 31 states to return drugs.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Oregon drugmaker feels heat as FDA says to get out the kitchen

The US FDA has slammed Ridge Properties for making drug products using “kitchen utensils and cookware” in a warning letter sent last month.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

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