Mar 21 2020

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How to Get a Good Deal on Your Health Insurance Without Getting Ripped-Off (Twelve Steps to Affordable Health Insurance for You or Your Business)

Written by a consumer and small business owner looking to purchase health insurance for his family, this health insurance book contains everything you need to know to buy health insurance wisely, including plenty of resources with tips and advice from nationally recognized health insurance and financial professionals. Whether you need health insurance for yourself, family, or small business this easy to read guide can:

Save hundreds of dollars a month Get the right health insurance plan for you (not someone else) Get health insurance coverage when you didn’t think you could afford it or qualify Avoid health insurance ripoffs, big and small

When I needed to find health insurance for my family, I felt a little overwhelmed and “in the dark”. The idea that it was going to cost a fortune to insure my family of five kept me up at night. Not to mention all the scary stories my wife and I heard about people buying health insurance and then not being covered when they needed it. Or even worse choosing to go without health insurance altogether.

When I looked online, in bookstores, and the local public and university libraries I was shocked to find how little information there was about purchasing health insurance. So I did the research. What I uncovered I put into practice. I went from spending $1188 a month for COBRA to spending under $300 a month for an individual policy covering my family. We ending up saving more than $800 a month.

Now I am sharing all my findings with you. I have collected all my research into a quick and easy to read health insurance book. My health insurance book includes a 12 step process to help you find your best deal on health insurance. Our story has an extremely happy ending. So can yours.

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