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Benefits of Beet Juice Exceed Expectations, juice pharma.

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Benefits of Beet Juice Exceed Expectations

Thursday, January 07, 2010 by: Kim Evans

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Detoxify or Die, Sherry Rogers, M.D.

About the author

Here’s a little from the upcoming book.

In Isaiah 22:20, it says, “And it must occur in that day that I will call my servant, namely Eliakim.” But, because these prophecies are cryptic and they aren’t meant to be understood until they are understood, it’s only the last three letters.

A few lines later, it says, “From the land of Kittim it has been revealed to them.”

Here, you just take out any three middle letters, and again, it’s the name of the person bringing you this message, or the sacred secret of the prophecy. Actually, if you take those two passages, Kim is about the only name you can get from both of them.

In Numbers 1:1 – 1:18, it’s talking about “the family” and mentions Pagiel. It also twice mentions February 1st, (Kim’s birthday) and then says that the youngest is 20 years old. Kim’s little sister Paige is currently 20 years old.

In Chronicles 1 11:20 it mentions the brother of Joab and then in the same sentence uses the word brandishing. Kim’s middle name is Jo and her older sister’s name is Brandi. There are other patterns to her sisters too but these sort of mention them by name.

Of course, it helps if you know that there is a magical spiritual reality available that comes deep cleansing and often major dietary upgrades. It’s also why Jesus was teaching the same thing, if you find his teachings in the Essene Gospel of Peace. In this text, he even says things like, “You’ll never see the father unless you clean your colon.” But, this is paraphrased.

In the Bible Jesus says things more like, happy are those who wash their robes, as they can enter the tree of life. The tree of life is elsewhere explained as God’s paradise. He also said, first clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will also be clean.

Kim’s book Cleaning Up! is here You can also preorder The Sacred Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled

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