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Determination of the surface density of acidic functional groups and the magnitude of pKa ’s of carboxylic and phenolic functional groups is a first step in characterizing acidity, ion exchange capacity, and charge accumulation properties in humic substances (HS). Potentiometric titration was used to determine the fundamental acidic properties of natural HS and selected model HS to better assess the role structure plays in carboxyl and phenol group dissociation.

The model compounds were simple benzofuran (C8H6O) derivatives, a common structural motif in HS. The pKa and Ka values of the model compounds were evaluated accurately and precisely, thus useful to determine structural variations in dissociation. In order to determine the concentration and conditional pKa’s of the ionizable sites, a nonlinear method for fitting acid-base potentiometric titration data, was applied to the HS titrated for this study. Each HS was assumed as a mixture of monoprotic acids in the model.

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Gen CHEM 211 CHEM 212: Requests for Overrides

For Spring 2018 Semester, overrides for Gen Chem I II (Chem 211/213 and Chem 212/214) will be done in person only during this time:

Requests for overrides will not be granted by phone, email or outside this time range.

Enrolling in Gen Chem lecture and lab requires different steps. Try this step:

Don’t check the box next to the class CRN# and click Submit. If you do, it won’t work.

To enroll, type the CRNs #s for lecture and lab in separate boxes in your worksheet, located at the bottom of the page, then submit them at the same time. If you submit them one at a time, one CRN will not be accepted and you’ll get a pre-req registration error message.

NOTE: Make sure that the class you want to enroll in is not:

  • an Honors class (requires permission)
  • in controlled mode
  • have a time conflict with your other classes

Dr. Shahamat Khan receives Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A; Toxic/Hazardous Substances Environmental Engineering
  • Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B; Pesticides, Food Contaminants, Agricultural Wastes

Pharmaceutical chemistry

GMU interns featured in APWA magazine

Aveen Aljazrawi and Sharon Becker interned this summer at the Fairfax County Pollution Control Plant, helping treat 40 million gallons per day. The internship program is lead by Dr. Greg Foster (GMU Chemistry) and Juan Reyes (Fairfax County environmental monitoring chief).

Pharmaceutical chemistryPharmaceutical chemistry

Department Overview

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry Biochemistry offers not only undergraduate programs leading to the BA and BS degree in Chemistry with optional concentrations in Biochemistry, but also a five-year BS/Accelerated MS degree.

Our comprehensive undergraduate education in chemistry is designed to prepare students for professional careers in chemistry and for advanced studies in chemistry and chemistry-related areas such as environmental science, material science, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, geochemistry, chemical waste management, pharmacy, forensic chemistry, and chemical engineering.

Students planning medical, dental, or veterinary careers may meet the requirements of these professional schools by majoring in chemistry.

Graduate Programs

The department s graduate programs provide advanced training for students who are recent college graduates, professionals in teaching, or technical workers in local research organizations. Students select a specialization from the fields of analytical, biological, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical, or computational chemistry.

The graduate chemistry courses for these programs are usually offered during the late afternoon or evening hours for the convenience of students who are employed full-time.

Graduate fellowships and teaching/research assistantships are available to the most qualified of students.


A minimum grade of C is required in all prerequisite chemistry courses. Students failing to meet a prerequisite will get a registration error message that reads PREREQ and TEST SCORE-ERROR when attempting to register for advanced courses.

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