Feb 13 2020

Tenders – The Nairobi Hospital, pharmaceutical delivery.

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Latest Tenders available

The Nairobi Hospital invites bids for supply and delivery of goods under a frame contract for the period 2017-2018.

The tender documents will be completed online through the online portal, All current Nairobi Hospital Suppliers must also apply for consideration.

To obtain access right, Bidders will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of Ksh 5,000/- per tender which is payable through any of the following options; cash payment at the ADT Cashiers located at The Nairobi Hospital, Monday to Friday 8am- 5pm or via Lipa na Mpesa, buy goods Till No. 173821; or EFT/Direct deposit to: Kenya Hospital Association, Commercial Bank of Africa, Upper Hill Branch, A/C NO 6498010077.

Step by Step, How to Purchase a Tender

Step 1: Tender Purchase Options

  1. Cash Payers: Pay at the ADT Cashier located at The Nairobi Hospital.
  2. Mpesa: Buy goods and services using till no. 173821 and provide the ADT Cashier located at The Nairobi Hospital with the text message from the service provider for purposes of receipting.
  3. EFT/Direct deposit: pay through Kenya Hospital Association account, Commercial Bank of Africa, Upper Hill Branch, A/C NO 6498010077 and provide the ADT Cashier located at The Nairobi Hospital, with the bank slip for purposes of receipting.

NB: A copy of the PIN Number and Company registration certificate will be required at the point of tender purchase.

Step 2: Access the tender portal using any of the following links which will be provided to you on email upon payment.

Step 3: Login using your Username (i.e. your Company PIN No.) and Password (Receipt No. that you obtained from The Nairobi Hospital). NB: The password is case sensitive.

Step 4: Change the password you received from Nairobi Hospital after the first login in.

Step 5: Click Downloads on the main menu to download the following: Confidential Business Questionnaire, Supplier Code of Ethics, Trade reference form, print, fill-in and save for upload back.

Step 6: Click on Bidders Information on the main menu to complete the Company information

Step 7: Complete all sections using Save Continue button or “Previous” button to navigate the Pages

Step 8: Check the dashboard to view the document completion process (Ensure 100% Complete in order to proceed).

Confirm your company information is 100% complete before progressing to the next step.

Step 9: Click “My Tenders” under the main menu bar to the left to access the tenders you bought.

Step 10: Click download list to view and download the tender items

Step 11: Click the Export Excel to download the item list

Step 12: Fill the required fields on the excel file you downloaded. (Sheet 1 list of tender items, sheet 2 to introduce new item/s to The Nairobi Hospital) Ensure your prices are captured in the final tender price column.

To introduce new items to the Hospital, please provide a sample clearly labelled with the vendor name, tender number, product name and delivered to the procurement department before the closing date. The stamped sample declaration form to be uploaded in section …………

Step 13: Save the excel file on a location you will remember (If possible save the file on the Desktop)

Step 14: Upload your price schedule document, go to the Online-Tender portal Click my tenders, Click download list click Upload Excel/import, navigate/browse to the location you saved the excel file and select it.

Step 15: Wait for the tender list to be uploaded.

  • Once the tender list has been successfully uploaded a message with the number of items which have been successfully submitted will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you want to edit anything on the tender items, download the tender again, edit the items and then upload again.
  • Your final price should be inclusive of VAT and all applicable taxes.
  • If you have bought more than one tender go back to my tenders and download the other tender, fill in and upload back to the system.

Step 16: Your tender submission will be available for editing before 8 th November 2017 Midnight.

  • You only need to fill the Company Information once, irrespective of the number of tenders
  • Ensure the final tender prices filled are captured in the Final Tender Price Column.
  • Sample will be used for technical evaluation and may not be returned to the bidders.

For any clarification related to accessing/navigating the portal, please use the following contacts below;

Telephone: +254 020 2845000/2846000/ 284 6161/6192/6163/6193. 0730666161/0730666162/0730666163/07306666193/

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