Feb 13 2020

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Who is IMCD Pharma?

At IMCD Pharma, we co-market and distribute the highest quality excipients to the Pharmaceutical Industry. We offer products manufactured by world-class suppliers. Plus, we enhance our offerings with in-house technical and regulatory expertise and a level of service that truly adds value to your purchase.

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Pharmaceutical ingredients

News & Events

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Pharma-a-Spheres and Mutchler, Inc. Announce Partnership for Supply of Sugar Spheres to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Effective since May 2016, Mutchler, Inc. will provide sales, marketing, sampling, technical support, and distribution for Pharma-a-Spheres to the pharmaceutical market in the USA and Puerto Rico.

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Mutchler Inc. Pharmaceutical Ingredients Announces a Formal Alliance with IMCD Pharma

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I inform you of the formal alliance between Mutchler Inc. and IMCD Pharma in the US and Puerto Rico markets.

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Mutchler Expands into Latin America, Provides Secure Supply Chain and Connectivity for Pharma Customers and Manufacturers Alike

Puerto Rico Facility is Hub for Sales, Service, Logistics

Pharmaceutical ingredientsPharmaceutical ingredients

Nisso and Mutchler Announce Partnership for Supply of Excipients to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Nisso America, Inc. and Mutchler Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Inc. announced their co-marketing and distribution partnership for Nisso HPC (hydroxypropyl cellulose) .

Product Highlights

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Lubrizol LifeSciences Carbopol® polymers are highly efficient gel matrix formers used to control drug release from tablets, capsules and multiparticulate systems.

Pharmaceutical ingredients

NISSO Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Super Fine Powder is unique to the pharmaceutical excipients market and offers the highest level of formability.

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