Jul 2 2017

Bachelors in psychology #bachelors #in #psychology

# Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Christian Counseling Liberty University s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a specialization in Christian Counseling is designed to help you understand the multi-faceted aspects of Christian Counseling. This specialization will allow you to learn more about counseling from a Christian perspective, equipping you to work in the Christian counseling fields of lay ministry. In addition to gaining insight into the development and influence of personality based on current theories, you will delve into courses which discuss the diverse theoretical approaches of counseling and psychotherapy by evaluating associated methods and techniques, all …

Jul 2 2017

Pharmacy Technology Certificate #pharmacy #technician #starting #salary

# Pharmacy Technology Certificate Overview Summary Pharmacy technicians are paraprofessionals who work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to assist with activities that do not require the professional judgment of the pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians assist with maintaining records, filling and dispensing routine prescriptions and medication orders, stocking supplies of patient care areas, maintaining inventories of drug supplies, preparing sterile compound products, accepting prescriptions and refill requests, and providing assistance to the customers and patients specific to the pharmacy practice setting. Exciting careers are available in traditional pharmacy settings, e.g. retail and hospital pharmacies, and non-traditional pharmacy settings, e.g. compounding …

Jul 2 2017

Tips From Other Journals – American Family Physician #two-vessel #cord

# Infant Mortality Rate Doubles with Short Umbilical Cord Am Fam Physician. 2004 Oct 1;70(7):1366. Approximately 6 percent of infants are delivered with a short umbilical cord. This condition has been associated with several abnormalities during pregnancy and complications of labor and delivery, but little is known about the etiology of short cord or its associated complications. Krakowiak and colleagues used a population-based, case-control study in one state of more than 17,000 singleton live births over 11 years to identify risk factors and adverse outcomes associated with a short umbilical cord. They used a statewide database that linked information from …