Nov 3 2017

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10 best Android apps for VoIP and SIP calls


[Price: Free]
Skype has long been a favorite for those looking for a VoIP and SIP service. It s a lot like Google Hangouts. You can message, call, or video chat with anyone with a Skype account for free and the app integrates with Facebook and Microsoft accounts to make signing up as easy as possible. You can pay for credits that will allow you to call landlines and its cross-platform support is among the best. You can also group chat with up to 300 people, have voice calls with up to 25 people, and video calls with up to 25 people.

Signal Private Messenger

[Price: Free]
Signal Private Messenger is an up-and-coming messenger service that boasts privacy above all else. You can text message and call other Signal users all you want, free of charge. In terms of sheer features, it s not as feature as heavy as others but you can engage with group messaging and the app integrates directly with your current phone number and address book which is awesome. It s also open source and highly secure for those with additional security needs.


[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Viber has been in the VoIP and SIP game for many years on Android and it remains one of the best options if you want to make Internet phone calls. It has evolved since its earliest days and is now a full-fledged chat service that also lets you make phone calls. It also supports video calls. You can engage with public chats, attach files, and delete messages after they have been sent which is a nifty feature to have. It has a ton of other features, cross-platform support, and it s easy to use.


[Price: Free]
WhatsApp is a relatively newer entrant to the VoIP and SIP game but they ve already made some big waves. WhatsApp is among the largest messengers in all the free world, rivaling Facebook and Google when it comes to active users. That means it should be easy to get your friends to join if they haven t done so already. It doesn t allow calling to landlines or texting to actual phone numbers, but you can message and call any WhatsApp member free of charge which is always nice.

Zoiper IAX VOIP and SIP Softphone

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Zoiper is unique in that it s one of the few VOIP and SIP apps left that focuses just on voice calls and still gets updated by the developers. It includes Bluetooth support, the ability to make decent calls even over lesser Internet connections, IAX support, and support for a variety of other protocols. If you go gold, you can also get video calling support, call transferring, and even better audio. It s a solid option if you just need voice calling and don t care about all that other stuff.

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